P9099 Attendance Awards
Attendance Awards Virtual Catalog

Inspire students to achieve perfect attendance throughout the school year with our Academic Awards & Incentives. You'll find attendance tags for every month, plus certificates of recognition, award ribbons, bracelets, pencils, banners, and more tools that reward and reinforce their success and achievements.

Being at school on time every day is critical to students' academic accomplishments and future goals. Research shows that children with high absenteeism—even in early grades—are more likely to drop out of school and face challenges in later years. By educating parents and students about the importance of good attendance, as well as motivating kids to attend class by rewarding their efforts, teachers and educators can impact their lives not just today, but for a lifetime.

Make use of Positive Promotions' wide variety of recognition items and educational materials, created to support your attendance initiatives, involve parents, and inspire students to get on the right track towards a bright future. Whether you give them out every month or at end-of-year ceremonies, academic awards to recognize great attendance can be an effective and inexpensive driving force towards building student ambition.

Be sure to shop our full selection of Academic Awards and Incentives to motivate students and enlighten parents throughout the school year.