At Positive Promotions, we recognize the importance of campus safety and raising awareness among colleagues, faculty, staff, and students. That's why we proudly offer comprehensive Educational Guides, including glancers, slideguides, and portable handbooks. Each contain important information about the dangers of sexual assault and how to prevent it, including; letting students know how to protect themselves, how to be an active bystander, and tips on the use of drugs and alcohol.

Another valuable resource is our selection of Sexual Assault Awareness posters. Each poster features a unique, impactful statement that educates and encourages students to be safe and to take action if they see others in a dangerous situation. We also offer stylish water bottles, laundry bags, custom pens, and colorful lanyards that carry meaningful messages everywhere on campus, from administrative offices to classrooms to walking the grounds.

Personalized prevention tools, such as rescue whistles, lanyards, custom pens, and flashlights, boost safety on and off campus, and support your campus safety awareness initiatives. Many of these budget-friendly items also include cards with important tips that can be carried in a wallet or bag. We have informational magnets for displaying in campus offices and dorms, as well as message bracelets that remind people about the dangers of sexual assault.

Hand out customized message water bottles and laundry bags, paired with our exclusive prevention themes and reminders during National Campus Safety Awareness Month. They can even be imprinted with your university logo and campus security phone number. As the Latin proverb states, forewarned is forearmed, or in more modern terms, knowledge is power. Build community and be prepared with cost-effective campus safety awareness items from Positive Promotions.