The perfect ingredients for creating extra brand awareness, custom imprinted food containers are always a popular and practical choice for showing employee recognition or customer appreciation. Members of your staff, business associates and prospective clients can use them to pack a lunch or meal on-the-go, store leftovers or even create a salad.

At Positive Promotions, we've put together a whole menu to choose from, including snack containers, salad shakers, lunch boxes, and more, available in classic colors and vibrant hues to help your logo or message stand out in cafeterias and break areas. You'll also find custom food containers featuring specialized accessories like built-in utensils, steamers, condiment containers or dividers to help keep food separate and aid in portion control.

All of our promotional food containers are eco-friendly & BPA-free, so they're a great option at health and wellness events or nutrition seminars. Give them out to employees as a show or appreciation or as holiday gifts. Have some on hand at company picnics or family reunions. Whatever marketing campaign you're cooking, our food containers have your needs wrapped up!