Portfolios and padfolios are staples of the corporate and academic worlds. Similar in design and function, they have subtle differences that are attractive to each individual user's needs. Portfolios are traditionally larger in size, perfect for presentations, job interviews or for doubling as a briefcase. While padfolios are normally smaller, and include a writing pad as well as room for pens, business cards and more in their handy storage pockets. Many newer options include space for tablet devices and be easily converted into stands for easy viewing.

At Positive Promotions, you'll find a wide range of promotional printed portfolios, padfolios and notepads that you can use for employee appreciation gifts, customer thanks, or executive awards. Students and teachers will find padfolios and portfolios extremely helpful with projects, lesson plans or everyday use in the classroom.

Especially when imprinted with your logo or message, our custom portfolios provide the recipient a polished look, often featuring zippered or magnetic closures. Custom padfolios also do the job, acting almost as portable mini desks that make them perfect for traveling sales staff or commuters. Whatever you're looking for, our sleek and stylish selection always has you covered!