Custom stickers, labels and decals are a low-cost, high-visibility method of increasing brand awareness within your community and business domain. Our proven selection keeps your name on the minds of customers, clients, employees or students as it expands your program's range.

Our reflective safety stickers come two on a card, perfect for sharing with valuable customers and reflecting your brand in a positive light day or night. Reflective stickers not only ensure your name gets seen, they also help with safety by keeping important messages more visible to the reader.

Our playful paw print stickers are terrific choices for everything from sports teams and clubs to day camps, veterinarians, and pet promotions. They're a unique and fun way to get your message seen, and are great for accompanying a team mascot. Whether you need stickers and decals, novelty items, or any custom printed promotional product, stick to Positive Promotions and we'll help you earn the label of a winning brand!