The holiday season can be chaotic, and during the hustle and bustle it's easy for people to become distracted or stressed. Educate your employees or students about staying safe and healthy during the holidays, with informational tools and custom products from Positive Promotions. There are also resources to warn everyone about the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as drugged driving and distracted driving.

You'll find important products to support National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, such as slideguides featuring a blood alcohol concentrations calculator, a guide to safe driving in inclement weather, and how to avoid overdoing it at holiday parties and on campuses. We also offer handouts for community events and wellness seminars that focus on safety in the home when dealing with holiday decorations, in addition to tips on children's and fire safety.

Schools and universities can help warn teens and others about the dangers of distracted driving, including the increasing issue of texting while driving, with our exclusive selection. Posters, bracelets, pledge cards, stylus pens, device chargers and mobile phone-themed products with essential safety slogans remind everyone to avoid this hazardous practice. Whatever holiday safety product you're looking for, we'll help you make it a healthy and happy season for employees, students, and their families.