Celebrating a student's birthday in today's classrooms can be a very delicate matter. With increased attention on food allergies, which affect more than 6 million children annually in the U.S., many schools are taking the precaution to prohibit such traditions as the sharing of cookies, cupcakes, or treats of any kind. Which means it's more important than ever to stock up on Happy Birthday awards from Positive Promotions to recognize students on their special day.

You'll find a variety of products to help teachers and educators wish pupils a "Happy Birthday" among their peers. Colorful birthday tags are a welcome addition to any celebration, arriving with beaded chains so the student can attach to a backpack or wear as a dog tag. Stickers and ribbons are cost-effective choices sure to make the birthday boy or girl feel special. Our bestselling sparkle foil pencils make excellent ways to extend birthday greetings to any student in your school. And don't forget our festive selection of birthday greeting cards, perfect to use for special Happy Birthday recognition from the principal..