Positive Promotions offers a large selection of customizable products designed to educate kids on the importance of safety. Our personalized safety items range from lollipops and I.D. cards to Internet Safety activities books, stickers, and much more. Here parents, teachers, and community leaders will find tons of great products and accessories to promote safety for kids of all ages.

Keeping kids safe is essential. We provide several custom books covering a variety of subjects, such as proper cell phone lingo, bicycle safety, cleanliness, and avoiding strangers. We also offer pocket pals and guides for educating parents. Our Cybersmart Parenting Guide will help parents learn about possible online dangers like cyberbullying and sexual predators. These guides also include helpful tips on finding computer-monitoring software and educational web sites geared specifically toward kids.

We’re proud to provide parents and teachers with customizable products to instruct kids on the importance of staying safe. Along with our informational books and pocket pals, we have fun and entertaining options, including self-esteem stickers, non-toxic crayons, temporary tattoos, heat sensitive pencils, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and more.

Whether you’re a teacher in the classroom or a parent at home, it’s important to educate kids on how to stay safe and react to potentially dangerous circumstances. At Positive Promotions, we take pride in contributing to the safety of kids with our personalized products – check out our selection today!