Foster parent involvement and guide young students towards academic and personal development with this collection of school transition resources. From parent-teacher conferences and school fairs to transition ceremonies and family nights, you'll find a wealth of essential tools and incentives to help make getting ready to attend a new school or grade stress-free for both children and their guardians.

Help parents get children ready to start school with our special Kindergarten Activities Book, which shows how fun and interesting school can be through positive thoughts and coloring pages. We also offer a special value pack geared towards youngsters starting school that makes an ideal giveaway at kindergarten registration and open houses. You'll also find a Perpetual Calendar that lets kids and parents count down to the day when school starts!

For elementary school students, Positive Promotions has important resources to prepare them for middle school and the challenges they may face, from increased social activities to such basics as changing classes and using lockers. Extend your reach with our special Bilingual Handbook for parents, featuring tips and information on how to assist their child with middle school transition, presented in both English and Spanish.

At parent workshops and "moving up" events, present families with comprehensive guidebooks that provide guidance and pointers for dealing with staring high school. Touching on academic, social, emotional, and financial issues, our easy-to-read tools are filled with valuable info on everything from sharpening study skills and planning schedules to time management and goal setting. There are also pens, tech products, silicone bracelets, and more fun promotional products featuring exclusive designs that encourage students to stay in school and move towards graduation so all their hard work can pay off. And of course, you'll find terrific handouts for parents and guardians to read and help their children succeed!