In times of medical need or dire health issues, it's not always possible or even correct to visit a hospital emergency room. In fact, many ERs can have hour-long wait times depending on how many people are there, and how important their emergencies are. Make more members of your community aware of your urgent care facility and provide them with informative tools and resources from Positive Promotions, to help them make a fast and proper decision about where to go.

Choose from an assortment of slideguides, glancers, pocket pals, and more outreach tools featuring tips and information for families on when to go to an urgent care facility or emergency room, what symptoms to watch for, and what can be done in the home. These valuable resources compare the differences between the two facilities and present facts about when to choose each one, stressing the benefits of urgent care and allowing for space for you to put your contact information. Give these reminders of your services out at health fairs, community outreach events, and any event where members of the community are present.