Gift-Boxed Wooden Wick Candle Holiday Trio

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  • "Scent"-sational trio brightens their holidays!
  • Wooden wick provides a radiant glow; makes a genuine crackling sound when candles are burning
  • Includes three 3-oz. candles in lidded glass jars
  • One each of Candy Cane, Spiced Apple Cinnamon, and Winter Spruce scents
  • Appreciation message appears on each candle jar
  • Each candle in set arrives nestled in its own individual holiday gift box

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5 Stars

You NEED this set!

Positive Promotions really hit the mark with their Holiday Wooden Wicked Candle. I received a wonderful 4oz sample of their spruce scent, and as both a young mother on a budget who desperately needed that perfect gift for my mother in law, and something for myself for once! I am very pleased. It has a wooden stem, which i personally always loved about the newer candles coming out. It has a very nice throw without giving me a migraine which i personally was tremendously thankful for as i am quite sensitive to those things. It doesn't have a horrible black smokey kick-back, which in turn doesn't trigger my sensitive allergies, it's very clean burning. The quality wooden stem has a silent crackle of a burning wood fire, a sound that is very special for me as it signals the beginning of the holiday season, I got emotional upon lighting this one for the first time, because i've never heard that from a candle before, and it sent me back to my childhood sitting in front of my grandfather's wooden stove waiting for the family to arrive for Christmas dinner. There is no question that i will be buying multiple full sized sets for myself, and my mother just so we have them all year round. As a stay at home mother/Disabled mommy who honestly has had to just learn to sit down, take a moment, and appreciate the simple things like a great quality candle to wind down with, and relax at night after our kindergartener goes to bed. To cleaning the kitchen during the day & getting into more of the holiday spirit. As someone who does suffers from scent related migraines, i really do appreciate the quality of this one that there is no chemical scent. i often need a good scented candle with a long burn time, & a decent "throw" to reach me in the next room to keep me going without giving me a headache, or burning out in less than 6 hours. I burned this sample for a little over 2 hours, and no more than 1/3 of an inch was hot, meaning the wax will last a while! As i've gotten a bit older, i need something to, you know, help get me into the spirit of things, for both my child, and myself & this scent did it for me and kept me cherrie. i've also made a lot of candles in my 28 years out of hobby's sake, but honestly this one I received by Positive Promotions in quality alone far surpasses anything that i can make in my kitchen in my spare time, or buy from another large retail supercenter. I have suffered with the B-rate quality, & horrible black smoke back-kick from that other large supercenter for too long. They never last half as long, are either too thick that they tunnel & burn out my wick leaving me helplessly digging out wax from around their wick, or are thin and melt down so fast that they last less than 6 hours just to get you to buy more! With this one, the wax feels, looks, & smells like it's just mixed/made better, with a lot more care. There is a certain type of scent when it comes to spruce especially, that i always seemed to just stray away from when buying my candles at that other store because it was just bad, pungent, add chemical. i felt i had no other choice because candles on a budget {especially when it comes to the holidays} are tremendously expensive. Everyone is trying to push their name, & end up sacrificing the product quality which i find more often than not nowadays in this economy. Now i feel i can have that quality, & not have to spend some outrageous $28+ on a single brand name candle with mediocre scent. i can have the quiet crackle of christmas, & a quality wax that doesn't vanish into the jar, or into the garbage out of frustration. I'm a huge fan of the holidays for the single most reason that i just thoroughly enjoy all of the smells, real peppermint, the smell of a fresh cut spruce tree, even the sound of the crackling of the wood as you set a fire in the cold weather they have down to a science with their wicks, which state on the bottom of the jar "not made with lead" which is comforting to know! I believe I will be ordering quite a few of these sets on my own just to have them around all year. I would honestly love to see this type of candle more widely available with its very reasonable price for a set of 3 in stores this Christmas, I wish they had these at my local DG because i'd buy the heck out of them! Also, i'd love to see some fall scent sets like pumpkin spice latte, or apple cider! Fear not, you have found the perfect candle set for that loved one who deserves the quality of a good long burning candle with all of the perks you should get!, just as much as you do. Just please take my word for it, you will be missing out if you do not buy a set for yourself as well lol huge mistake of mine! As soon as she lit it in front of me & it started crackling like Christmas morning, and the room filled with fresh Christmas spruce tree, instant regret that i didn't buy a full set of my own! --- +i received this candle as a free sample. This does not affect the honesty of my review in any way. #Honesty #GiftGivingOnaMommyBudget+