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Health fairs

are a great way for hospitals, corporate wellness programs and colleges to promote healthier lifestyles among patients, employees, students and the community. From nutrition education materials and first aid awareness to fitness incentives and healthy heart information, Positive Promotions has the products you need to make your next event a hit! At budget-friendly prices, our health and wellness marketing tools are thoughtful and practical gifts that educate both children and adults while promoting your services.

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Here at Positive Promotions, we offer a vast selection of educational tools and wellness products that include such topics as nutrition, fitness, heart health, first aid, wellness management, men's and women's health, kids' health and more. Budget-friendly and ready to distribute, our custom promotional gifts help convey information about your services to the community and make your health fair event even more memorable.

Look for special giveaways to stock every booth and station at your health fair. Products relating to children's wellness, nutrition and safety are just right for events held by public health departments, WIC programs and schools. Nutrition education materials and tobacco prevention materials are suitable for schools and colleges, and for corporate employee wellness fairs. Hospitals can choose from a variety of categories to equip events held in medical facilities.

For more specific needs, try materials that help older adults in nursing homes or other care facilities, such as fitness and walking educational items that are important for seniors, as well as healthy heart products. Everyone can benefit from materials about nutrition, which make delicious handouts at healthy cooking and portion control demonstrations. You can also provide essential materials to help experts cover both women's and men's health issues at corporate wellness events.

Attendees at your health fair will appreciate practical wellness gifts they can use at home and at work. Promotional health products like first aid, drinkware and nutrition guides are thoughtful giveaways for both children and adults. You can create displays with activity booklets and healthy eating guides available for anyone who stops by to take away. Plus, keep samples of wellness products at different stations to increase traffic and have health experts answer any questions.

Along with Health Fair giveaways, Positive Promotions offers decorations to help your event look professional and well organized. To create excitement, try interactive items like prize wheels, so attendees can win fun gifts. Or raffle off educational nutrition materials and offer custom promotional gifts featuring your logo as door prizes. Many of our health and wellness products can also be personalized with your company name or slogan, helping you to get your brand and message out in the community.