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Today, 1 out of 3 children in the US is considered overweight or obese, and health conditions such as elevated cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes have increased at alarming rates among adolescents. Educating parents, children, and teachers is a key factor to successfully countering this epidemic! Our selection of Wellness For Kids products are developed by experts in the field, to ensure accuracy and to help advance kids' health, wellness, and happiness in your school and community.

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Meeting The New School Nutrition Guidelines Just Got Easier

We make it easy for kids to enjoy a well-balanced meal at school! Choose a Healthy Tray products familiarize students with good nutrition and help them fill their school meal tray accordingly. Following the USDA guidelines, fruits and veggies make up half the tray, while whole grains, lean proteins and/or low-fat or fat-free milk round out the perfect tray each school day!

Breakthrough Study: Peer Mentoring Program Helps Curb Childhood Obesity
A new study supports schools that embrace a peer mentoring approach to health lessons has a positive impact on student participants and childhood obesity. Continue reading... »