Promote Effective Flu & Cold Prevention Practices

Help arm yourself and those around you with the ammunition needed to stay healthy! The best way to combat seasonal flu is to encourage annual vaccination and promote common-sense preventive steps everyone can take to protect their health. These include proper respiratory and hand hygiene etiquette.

We make it easy to help fight infection in the workplace, community, or the home with our budget-friendly awareness tools and incentives. Our promotional giveaways are ideal for Infection Prevention Week in October and for immunization drives, health fairs, and wellness events throughout the year.

According to the World Health Organization, millions of infection prevention and control professionals will commemorate Infection Prevention Week this year, highlighting their daily dedication to the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections. This important, often overlooked role connects the science of infection prevention to the people most deeply and personally affected, including patients, visitors, volunteers, employees, and healthcare workers.

In addition to vaccination, one of the best everyday preventative actions to combat the risk of infection is washing hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses using soap and clean, running water to disinfect hands before eating and preparing food, caring for someone who is sick, or treating an open cut or wound. Hands should also be washed after using the toilet, touching garbage or animal waste, sneezing, and blowing your nose. It's recommended to take at least 20 seconds to lather and scrub your hands, and if soap and water is unavailable, the CDC recommends using hand sanitizer that is made of at least 60% alcohol to help reduce the number of microbes on hands.

Recognize hygienic practices on the spot with our tissue/pocket pal/hand sanitizer gift sets. Remind everyone about a crucial health habit with our hand-washing instructions on magnets and mirrors. Share our germ-preventing glancers and pocket pals with community members. Show little ones how to be germ busters with our educational activities books. Positive Promotions offers these and so many other cold and flu prevention products to promote good health and your name or message all year long!