Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are a great way to recognize an individual and show support for an organization, cause or event. Once an employee, teacher, student, or healthcare professional dons the pin on their lapel, shirt, hat, or lanyard, you'll know they take pride in their work and feel honored to be appreciated. From lapel pins supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Years of Service Awards to exclusive designs tailored for specific occupations and more, Positive Promotions is your one-stop shopping source when you want to let someone know they went above and beyond.
Recognizing employees and staff with a lapel pin is a small gesture, but can be viewed as a huge one. It shows you appreciate everything they do, from an individual to an entire team, and thank them for their continued dedication and efforts. Whether it's a pin that accompanies an award, or a celebration of their years of service on a work anniversary, you'll find exactly what you need at Positive Promotions. We also have lapel pins featuring exclusive designs and uplifting themes, many tailored to honor Teachers, Nurses & Nursing Assistants, Medical Lab Professionals, Volunteers, Customer Service workers and more.

Try our Health and Wellness selection to discover wearable ways to motivate and praise hospital, medical and healthcare staff for continued compassion and care, as well as raise awareness of important causes and events, such as Breast Cancer Awareness pins featuring the pink ribbon symbol. And don't forget our Safety Lapel Pins, which call attention to the incredible job done by EMS workers, dispatchers and public safety workers in the community.

The origin of the lapel pin can be traced back to ancient Egypt in 1800 BC, and the design process of "inlaying" enamels onto a copper or metal base. But the first actual appearance of a pin was during the Civil War, when soldiers used numbered pins to help identify the units they served in. During the First World War, lapel pins were awarded by the military as symbols of distinguished service, often accompanied by a ribbon or ornament. After this, many civil service groups and government agencies began utilizing pins, including the patriotic American flag pin. In fact, President Richard Nixon is said to have ordered all his aides to wear flag pins in response to the counterculture movement of the early 70s. This practice was resurrected by President George W. Bush following the events of 9/11, and has now become commonplace among government officials.

During the 1960s and even today, pins are worn in many countries of Europe and Asia by youths or political party members to show their affiliation and support. You'll also find people wearing pop culture pins featuring animated characters or logos of favorite TV shows and movies, especially at Walt Disney World, where pin trading is one of the most popular pastimes with both children and adults. But it's at Positive Promotions where you'll find the answer to all your custom lapel pin needs. Whether mounted on special presentation cards or presented in jewel boxes, our promotional gifts can be pinned to a hat, a lanyard, jacket lapel or a shirt to show off your gratitude.