Let’s face it: custom embroidered baseball hats enjoy such popularity they have become de rigueur headwear, on the scene everywhere from sporting events to the red carpet. When it’s your name that will be seen on a cap, embroidery is a prime choice. Unlike screen printing that can fade or stain, embroidery holds up to wear and tear; sun, sweat, wind and rain; heat or cold; spectator and active sports, boating, fishing, golfing, commuting and more. This stitching method also provides an extra touch of personalization, since you have the option to match the threads to the color of your name or logo.

Positive Promotions offers embroidery as an option for many woven and knit hat styles, and our high quality thread and high stitch count helps make your message stand out and get you noticed in your niche.

We feature custom embroidered baseball hats in men’s, women’s and children’s styles for sun or shade, for seasonal and year-round wear, priced to fit every budget. Whether you are looking for work wear, gifts or giveaways, Positive Promotions offers a complete line of accessories that can be embroidered with your design.