Our screen-printed and custom embroidered visors are the ideal vehicles to promote your name, sports team, school, or logo. This crownless hat is the most functional choice for sports and warm weather because it allows the wearer’s body heat to escape from the head without compromising the benefits of sun protection for the face and eyes.

We offer custom visors in a range of fabrics including cotton twill, mesh, and foam. Take advantage of high-performance features like mesh paneling for breathability and an interior sweatband to absorb perspiration. Also consider foam visors, which are a fabulous choice for swimming, surfing, or skiing because they are waterproof and they don’t sink like most hats…they float!

Fit-wise, our custom visors are adjustable, adaptable, or stretch, so no matter what the head size of the recipient, you can rest assured that our one-size-fits-all actually fits all! Shop our wide selection of custom embroidered visors for the right color, design, and style that work for you, then choose one of our printing options or upload your custom logo artwork—we’ll handle the rest.