The popular letterman jacket, or varsity jacket, got its origin in the hallowed halls of Harvard University during the late 1860s. The Harvard baseball and football teams added the letter "H" to their uniform sweaters to represent the Harvard name, as well as designate the team captain. Soon they began to reward worthy players with letterman sweaters, and other schools began to follow in this tradition, using their own first letter as a brand. Over time, the sweater became a more durable jacket, especially when students started keeping them after the season was over.

Today, custom letterman jackets are a huge hit on campuses and in communities alike, whether in support of a high school or college team, or simply worn as a fashion statement. Remaining a result of pride and performance at schools across the country, customized varsity jackets can also feature the team logo or message to further increase brand awareness.

Our selection of custom varsity jackets also makes original additions to corporate athletic teams or trendy choices for outfitting staff members who go above and beyond. For any event or any reason, count on custom letterman jackets from Positive Promotions to fit your needs to a T!