The hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, has evolved considerably over the years. Its origin can be traced back to hooded tunics of medieval Anglo-Saxon monks, but as a piece of clothing it was created in the 1930s, when Champion added hoods to sweatshirts to help protect New York City laborers in freezing temperatures. Soon students and athletes began wearing hoodies to combat the elements while on the sidelines or during warm-ups, and the sportswear caught on to a point that in the 70s and 80s, they became a wardrobe staple of graffiti artists, skateboard enthusiasts, and hip-hop musicians. By the 1990s, top fashion designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein used hoodies in some of their premium collections.

Today, hoodies can be spotted nearly anywhere, as both a casual fashion statement and a way to promote a logo or message through bulk purchasing. Custom fleece hoodies from Positive Promotions offer the best of both worlds—a method of getting your name seen at a trade show, at fundraising walks, or in the community, as well as a comfortable piece of apparel for your recipient.

We carry a wide selection of styles and colors in both men's and women's sizes, ensuring all the people you need to reach are covered. From joggers and runners to sports teams and coaches to staff members and volunteers, the sporty style, comfortable fit, and versatile fabrics of our custom fleece hoodies are crafted to make a lasting impression.