Known for their colorful half- or three quarter-length sleeves paired with white or light-colored bodies, custom baseball shirts are extremely popular with sports fans of all ages. From company softball or baseball teams and casual employee clothing to children's field day events and the school store, they're a home run choice when it comes to getting your name or message noticed.

The baseball t-shirt is also known as a raglan shirt, referring to the type of sleeves it features. The name originated in the 19th century when Lord Raglan, a high-ranking British officer wounded at the Battle of Waterloo, had to have his arm amputated. Raglan tasked a tailor to make a coat with a special seam that made it easier to put on and remove, as well as cover his disfigurement, creating a style of clothing and sleeve that was named for the nobleman.

Through the years, the raglan t-shirt became more prevalent in exercise and sports, particularly with baseball players. This led to its more common name, the "baseball t-shirt". Complete your academic programs, fill your event attire needs, or give your brand a lift in the community by adding your logo to custom baseball shirts from Positive Promotions. Order today and enjoy discount prices on bulk personalized t-shirt orders.