A marvelous way to “woo” current and new customers, community members, family or friends is with an item they will appreciate and make good use of. They’ll be happy to keep comfortable when it’s stifling indoors or out with the gift of a cool breeze from your custom hand fan! Your personalized content will be memorable every time they are looking to cool off.

Positive Promotions has a wide selection of portable ways to stay cool including economical double-sided paper paddle fans; hand held electric, battery, and USB powered bladed fans; and spray fans that provide cool air and a refreshing mist. Our handheld fans offer a variety of customization options, and your name, artwork or logo can be placed on the front and back for double the exposure.

Count on us for other ways to keep your customers cool including handy desk fans, visors, brimmed caps, sunglasses and flip flops. For over 60 years, we’ve helped most major industries, companies and charitable organizations introduce, build and increase brand awareness with our personalized items.