Personalized School Pencils Always Pass The Test!

From grammar school classrooms to college campuses, school pencils are a great way to earn your brand some extra credit! Whether you use them as student awards or bookstore necessities, keep a selection in the supply closet for test taking, or provide giveaways to visitors at recruitment fairs, be sure to stock up on custom pencils featuring your school name or slogan.

Here at Positive Promotions, you'll discover a wide range of personalized school pencils to choose from, starting with sparkle designs and bright neon colors that are always popular with kids. We also carry heat-sensitive pencils which change colors as they're held and make excellent rewards for recognizing hard work, reading achievements, perfect attendance, and more honors.

Our custom wooden school pencils are #2 standard and feature soft erasers, so they're ideal for state tests and new Common Core exams. Teachers and principals can keep boxes of pencils on hand to ensure students are prepared during scheduled test times, and also as special incentives to do their best. However you plan on using school pencils in your educational plans, we'll help you get pointed in the right direction!