Personalized Mechanical Pencils

Build a precision marketing campaign with promotional mechanical pencils from Positive Promotions. Ideal for budding architects, as well as mathematicians and technology enthusiasts, they're built to last and designed for comfort. A studious choice for students and faculty who prefer this type over traditional wooden pencils, our mechanical pencils are refillable, have practical erasers, and come with extra lead inserts. They're a great way to draw attention to your personalized logo or message at recruitment fairs and open houses, as well as the school bookstore or any educational conference you're attending.

The prototype for the mechanical pencil of today originated in 1822, when English inventors John Isaac Hawkins and Sampson Mordan patented a metal pencil that propelled the lead forward, improving upon the lead holder pencils of the day. Through the decades that followed, the mechanical pencil design evolved, until the early 1900s and the breakthroughs of Japanese metal worker Tokuji Hayakawa, who began using a metal shaft and sharp lead, and U.S. businessman Charles Keeran, who came up with a ratchet-based mechanism to hold thinner lead.

Thanks to these advancements, mechanical pencils became and still remain popular in the present day with both office workers and students, not only for architectural design, but also for precision writing and drawing. Check out our selection of promotional mechanical pencils today and keep your promotions on point!