Readily Accessible And Easy To Use Personalized Badge Reels

Custom badge reels are an effective marketing tool and handy accessory in one. While most ID badges and cards serve to identify the wearer with their name and photo, other credentials contain magnetic stripes or barcodes that can be swiped through card readers at security doors. These badges and cards need to be displayed, and they also must be readily accessible for easy swiping and scanning. Since they are always in view, custom ID badge reels imprinted with your name, logo, or message are a great way to boost your brand visibility.

Personalized badge reels and badge holders can easily be attached to a belt, pocket, clothing, or one of our handy custom lanyards, keeping ID cards and custom badge wallets displayed at all times. And they have an added benefit: the retractable cord inside custom ID badge reels allows the ID card or badge to be extended for swiping/scanning without the need to unclip it from the wearer’s clothing.

We offer a wide variety of custom badge reels and personalized badge holders in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. There are also multiple custom ID badge reel styles and clothing attachment options. Add your personalization to the front of a retractable badge reel for all-day promotional impact, and be sure to check out our other lanyards and badge holder options.