Stay Updated With Personalized Pocket Calendars

Looking to give your brand an instant boost? Promotional pocket calendars are a perfect fit for any campaign! Designed for easy transport inside a bag, suitcase, or jacket pocket, these calendars act as mini organizers and notepads. Ready to go to meetings or on the road, they are certain to make a lasting impression on your recipient.

Customers, clients, and employees will love receiving these popular promotions at trade shows, conferences, or as practical thank you gifts, especially when they feature the name or logo of their favorite business partner. Personalized pocket calendars are also used often in the academic world, for teachers, educators, and older students to stay updated on lesson plans, assignment deadlines, and important dates or events.

For over 60 years, Positive Promotions has been supporting schools, businesses, and organizations with promotional pocket calendars and more promotional products that have a positive impact on brand awareness without putting marketing budgets in the negative.