Personalized Dog Tags

Carving out a place for your brand is easy when you engrave your name or message on a dog tag. Complete with beaded chains for wearing as a necklace or clipping on backpacks and bags, dog tags are distinctive gifts that always make the recipient smile, from school assemblies to trade shows to community events.

Since the time of the Civil War, engraved dog tags have been used for identification by American soldiers, and became standard issue during the onset of World War I. The actual name "dog tag" was coined during this time period, referring to the similarity to ID tags placed on dogs by their owners. Originally circular, these aluminum discs evolved to a rectangular shape by World War II, and today can be fashioned from a number of metals.

Our custom engraved dog tags make distinctive awards for students, and can be personalized with your school name, a special message, or the student's name if given for a special academic achievement. Dog tags are also popular instant recognition rewards that either the principal or a teacher can hand out to children who show good character, kindness, or improvement in their grades.