Personalized Academic Trophies

Show students your pride in their efforts—and the results of their hard work—with one of our keepsake academic trophies. They're the ideal way to reward top achievers at your school in any academic subject. We offer attention-getting Mylars for nearly every topic, from Reading and Social Studies to Math and Science. You'll also find Mylars for students who have attained Honor Roll status, earned a Merit Award, and many more options.

We also offer themed academic trophies such as our classic Lamp of Knowledge Awards. Representative of a successful quest for information or increased learning, it's an appropriate honor for everyone from the School Valedictorian to Most Improved Student. You can also award the entire Honor Roll or use it for the prestigious Principal's Award—the possibilities are endless!

Check out our selection of custom awards and recognition for all the promotional academic trophies and personalized awards you need to recognize student achievement at your school. With our distinctive products, Positive Promotions will help you create enough excitement for every semester!