Create Awareness With Personalized Fundraising Bracelets

Custom fundraising bracelets from Positive Promotions featuring your brand or logo are the perfect way to get the word out about your favorite causes and charities. We offer many bracelets to make your awareness message stand out, from "wrist drives" combining bracelets with USB drives to glow in the dark silicone bracelets little ones love. Other popular designs include our slap, eraser, charm, friendship, paracord, ribbon, and friendship bracelets.

Just by including a name, logo, or inscription, you create a memorable fundraising item. In addition to personalized fundraising bracelets, we have hats, apparel, water bottles, pencils, backpacks, and other items that can be customized for your charitable needs. We have been providing promotional merchandise for over 70 years. Trust us to grow your business with novelty bracelets and other exciting fundraising ideas.