Our History

We take great pride in continuing our commitment to you and your community

In 1947, Irving Taxel started Positive Promotions in New York City. First known as National Dealers Service, it was originally a printing company specializing in custom slide guides for large companies. Custom slide guides converted complicated information into a simple, unique format that companies used for promotions. One of its most important early uses was for dosage scheduling. Two of Positive Promotions' slide guides dating back to 1969 and 1977 can be viewed on the Smithsonian Institutes' website.

Irving, nicknamed "Observing Irving", soon realized that custom slide guides were just the tip of the iceberg. The form could be highly effective for stock subjects useful to many industries, both big and small. With this new direction, National Dealers Service became a publishing company.

In the 70s, when America started thinking about the metric system, Irving saw a golden opportunity for slide guides. They were ideal for showing how to convert the present system to metrics. Far ahead of his time, Irving developed a whole line of metric promotional products. Many companies shared his enthusiasm and National Dealers Service was on its way, supplying metric conversion slide guides as promotional products for a wide array of industries. The company was soon developing a variety of other promotional products, including first aid charts, car mileage finders, drug information guides, and wedding planners.

In 1976, Irving's son Nelson joined the firm and was assigned to find new slide guides to produce in the Brooklyn plant. With his strong belief in slide guides potential, Nelson sought out Madison Avenue's best designers and writers and teamed them up with experts in many educational fields. This assured customers that the new slide guides appearing monthly were both spectacularly designed and highly accurate. As Nelson had expected, their great graphic appeal and educational value made slide guides "keepers." These new initiatives were greatly supported and the company changed its name to Promotional Slide guide.

But expanding Positive's slide guide line wasn't enough. In 1985, Irving, quoting Arnold Toynbee, said that the company needed to take a long overland voyage. It had to build on its strength, which was helping people lead better lives. Working with a consulting group, The company took a new name to fit its direction, "Positive Promotions." It also started focusing on areas where the combination of educational and promotional components could have the greatest impact. And once it started down that road, Positive had found its niche.

In recent years, Positive has become more and more market-driven and diversified:

Products designed for a specific cause. We combine products with programs to give customers everything they need to promote their message into their community.

We love creating things for kids. We are proud to have produced hundreds of children's activities books, bookmarks, stickers, and other educational tools that kids think are "cool."

We listened to our customers. "Recognition" products were created as a result of our customers' requests for products to honor those who help them do their work.

Positive's goal today continues to be helping customers put together great campaigns. We're constantly improving old programs and creating new ones. As our history continues to unfold, Positive continues to develop more products that create awareness, educate and inspire.