Welcome Teachers Back: 10 Ways to Get the Year Off to a Great Start

Set a positive tone and energize teachers by extending a warm "Welcome back!” when they return to school. Put time and special thought into helping them prepare for a productive and rewarding school year. Let your teachers know you want them to have the best year yet by using the following ideas for inspiration!

Encourage teachers to stay organized
1. Encourage teachers to stay organized

by putting Academic Monthly Desk Planners on their desks. Include inside each planner a list of important school events, such as parent-teacher conferences and assemblies. Write phrases of praise, such as “Great job!” or “You make a difference,” throughout the calendars.

Hold Tea Time for Teachers
2. Hold “Tea Time for Teachers”

every morning during the first week of school to give new teachers a chance to meet their colleagues and returning ones an opportunity to catch up. Serve tea or coffee each day, and provide each teacher with an Insulated Tumbler to put beverages in.

Stock up on snacks
3. Stock up on snacks

to give as treats to teachers in the days ahead. Put a basket of Treat Packs, Survival Kits, and granola bars on each teacher’s desk. Include a note that says, “It’s a Treat to Have You Here!”

Acknowledge that teaching can be a stressful job
4. Acknowledge that teaching can be a stressful job

by giving teachers tools to de-stress. Hand out Goody Bags containing self-care items such as lavender spray, hand lotion, foot cream, and stress balls. Include a Mini Journal in which teachers can write down their feelings or doodle as ways to relieve stress.

tips and strategies for teachers
5. Surprise new teachers

by including them in a special raffle. Call winners down to the office by announcing their names on the loudspeaker and reading a brief bio of each so others can get to know him or her. Give the new teachers items from a Raffle Pack as their prizes.

Make sure your teachers never run out of energy
6. Make sure your teachers never run out of energy.

For their cell phones, that is! At a staff training meeting, surprise them with Power Banks that they can use to charge their smartphones and tablets. Set the items out on a table with a sign that says, “Take Charge! Stay Energized this School Year!”

Hand out Lapel Pins
7. Hand out Lapel Pins

that feature an expression of thanks or a message that each teacher is an important part of your team. Encourage teachers to wear their Lapel Pins every day. Whenever you see a teacher wearing the Lapel Pin, remember to thank him or her for helping to make your school great.

Fill Tote Bags with essential classroom supplies
8. Fill Tote Bags with essential classroom supplies

such as Pencils and Erasers, so teachers can ensure that students are well prepared. Hang a full Tote Bag on the doorknob to each classroom with a note that says, “Share These with Students!”

Spend time during the first week
9. Spend time during the first week

of school focusing on teachers’ health. Have a dietician talk to teachers about how eating the right foods can make them feel good and more energized. Pass out Food Containers along with healthy lunch recipes and Water Bottles to encourage teachers to make water their beverage of choice.

Give teachers the tools
10. Give teachers the tools

to stay in touch with parents throughout the school year. Put a care package of Postcards together for each teacher. They can use them to let parents know about upcoming parent-teacher conferences and if their child does something extra special.