Child Abuse Prevention Ideas

Promoting awareness about the dangers of child abuse and steps that can be taken to prevent it in your community can be a delicate, yet important task. Here are a few ideas you can follow at your facility to spread the message of protecting children and provide positive parenting guidelines.

child abuse prevention ideas one

Idea One:

Let everyone in your facility know that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Decorate a common area of the building with Balloons and Posters from the Child Abuse Prevention 380-Piece Awareness Pack. Then, put out a bowl with Buttons from the Pack. Place next to it a sign that says, “Please wear a button to support happy childhoods!”

child abuse prevention ideas two

Idea Two:

Get the help of your community in raising awareness about Child Abuse Prevention Month. Visit local businesses and give them Child Abuse Prevention Stickers to distribute to customers. Be sure to give businesses literature about your organization to hand out as well.

child abuse prevention ideas three

Idea Three:

Hold an open house in April and invite parents and children in your community to attend. Have information about your organization on hand and have a guest speaker talk to parents about child safety issues. Be sure to have childcare available so parents can listen to the guest speaker without distraction. Give parents and children Educational Activities Books along with Non-Toxic Crayons to take home.

child abuse prevention ideas four

Idea Four:

Plan a fun brainstorming exercise at the beginning of April to kick off Child Abuse Prevention Month. Give staff members Pocket Pals and encourage them to come up with additional ways to praise kids. Then, have employees read their ideas aloud to their coworkers. Present all participants with a Desk Caddy.

These useful ideas, paired with cost-effective educational tools and reminders from Positive Promotions, will help you promote awareness of Child Abuse Prevention Month during the month of April—and all year long.