Employee Wellness Program Ideas

There's always a reason to kick off a new employee wellness program at your company or small business. A healthy and happy employee is a more productive employee – and your overall healthcare costs could drop as well. Below you’ll find several employee wellness program ideas that you can start implementing today!

Celebrate Employee Wellness

Walk for Workplace Wellness

Being active is a proven and effective way to lose weight and prevent or control a variety of diseases. So to get your team moving, try implementing a Walking Club at your workplace. Encourage employees to arrive early or stay late to walk together, and offer an extended lunchtime for those who want to add steps during the workday. A walking program could have several features:

  • Create a Walking Challenge to promote healthy competition and provide an incentive to get moving
  • Divide club participants into teams; have the members of each team keep track of their weekly steps
  • Provide walkers with pedometers and water bottles to remind them to drink plenty of water while walking
  • Present a healthy gift to the team that walks the most each week!

Celebrate Employee Wellness

Eating Up Benefits

Make lunch hour a time to teach employees about healthy living. Create a Lunch and Learn Program, and schedule a special luncheon once a week. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Provide healthy foods, such as sandwiches on whole-wheat bread, and plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Discuss a variety of topics, including healthy eating and quitting smoking; use nutrition-related Pocket Pals and Slideguides about quitting smoking to help reinforce your message
  • Offer employees an incentive, such as lowering their healthcare costs, to attend the Lunch and Learn program and practice healthy living on a day-to-day basis

Celebrate Employee Wellness

Rest and Relaxation

Between work, family, and daily obligations, most people have too much stress and not enough quiet time. Take measures to make the workplace a little less stressful for your employees. Start a Relaxation Program that gives employees the tools and space they need to relax.

  • Dedicate a room in your facility as a “quiet place” and encourage employees to use it on their breaks
  • Don’t allow cell phones, computers, drinks, or food in the quiet room to cut down on distractions
  • Dim the lights and play relaxing music
  • Provide accessible stress balls, stress survival kits, and other stress-reduction products

Celebrate Employee Wellness

Losers are the Biggest Winners

More than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. Some of your employees may be included in this group, and therefore be facing many health risks. Help take on the obesity epidemic by creating a “Biggest Loser” wellness program.

  • Have those interested sign up, then split them into teams
  • Educate participants about healthy eating and exercising; give them tools to change their habits, such as salad containers for bringing salads from home and walking pocket pals or booklets to teach them easy ways to burn calories
  • Have team members weigh in every week and track the results for several months
  • At the end of the allotted time, give all participants a healthy gift to celebrate their accomplishments; offer the team of “biggest losers” an extra prize

There are several benefits of employee wellness programs, and no shortage of unique activities. Investing in the health of your employees is essential to the success of your business and the continued productivity of your workforce. Give these wellness ideas a try and remember to get creative! Make your Employee Wellness program a memorable and life-changing experience for your valued workers.