March 2016 • Written by Positive Promotions
getting social: quick tips to achieve social media success
Quick Tips To Help Achieve Social Media Marketing Success

When developing a marketing campaign for your company, it's important you don’t overlook social media. Perhaps the most rapidly growing form of marketing today, social has become a huge part of consumers' lives in one way or another, from keeping in touch to searching for information about a brand to even buying products. Here are some simple, yet essential tips to help your social media strategy succeed:

Hash It Out
Hashtags are not only ways to capture, create, and share trends on social media, but can also be utilized as part of your everyday marketing to promote hot new products, upcoming events, and of course, your brand in general. Depending on the industry, you can even incorporate the hashtag into product development. At Positive Promotions, we've created a #Kindness line in support of Random Acts of Kindness Week that can also be used year-round by educators and parents to remind students and children to make a positive difference in their community by practicing respect, friendship, and kindness.
You Ought To Be In Pictures
Looking to push that new line of merchandise? Getting in on the ground floor of the next big holiday or sale? Post a picture of your products or offer a graphic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere your customers can find you. Try sharing images of your employees at work (or play) to humanize the brand a little. You can even re-post or re-tweet when customers tag you in pictures featuring your products, and show potential new clients your brand at work. Then, sit back and watch your awareness grow with every click!
Give 'Em Something To Post About
Your loyal followers are the ones who like your posts, share your status updates, and take advantage of the sales you offer through social media channels. Why not reward them with exclusive "members-only" discounts, or add links to useful content (like the articles in our Positive Resource Center) on LinkedIn and Facebook. Whether you encourage them to post reviews or save using a special promo code, customers will be eager to share with their own contacts, who will then possibly do the same, getting you even more of the best kind of advertising—free!
Video Gets You In "Play"
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter…from Live Streaming to short-form content, video is king on nearly every social platform! Today's generation of users crave "snackable" subject matter like behind-the-scenes info, new product previews, recipes, and unique brand promos. Post something relevant on YouTube, an effective method of reaching prospects and clients, or upload fun and informative video content to your own website, which will also help increase SEO value.
Say "Hi"
to "Buy"
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Search "Social Media Trends for 2016" on Google and a number of the results will link to companies and bloggers forecasting a common point among their articles: the rise of e-commerce on social media. This builds on the successful introduction of "Buy" buttons on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, especially as more consumers shop via mobile devices. In fact, Statista, one of the world's largest statistics portals, reports that by the end of 2015, social selling should reach $30 billion worldwide, a 50% increase over the previous year's $20 billion. With numbers like those, it's easy to see why forecasters believe more applications and platforms will hop on the "Buy" button bandwagon and develop their own version of on-site direct sales. Don't miss out on the "social" event everyone's attending!
buy button bandwagon
research to keep up with social media trends and technology
Finally, ensure your department head or whoever is in charge of your Social Media Marketing, stays on top of trends in technology and the marketplace, which is ever-evolving and growing. One week, revenue-generating ads could be hot, the next week an increase in search functions within applications might be the next big movement. And make certain to keep informed of what the competition is doing, as they're the ones most likely looking to top your own efforts.