Housekeeping Olympics

Housekeeping Olympics
Celebrate Your Staff with Fun and Friendly Competition

Housekeeping Olympics has vecome a popular way to help housekeepers highlight their talents while having some fun, too. Since they play an essential role at your facility, let them show off their skills during Housekeepers Week. Use ideas below to organized a Houskeeping Olympics. Then, reward participants with gifts from Positive Promotions.

Toilet paper race

Start by giving housekeepers matching T-Shirts to wear. Then, split them into teams of three. Ask team members to stand in a straight line, but 20 feet apart from each other. Give the first person on each team a full roll of toilet paper. Here’s how the race works:

  1. The first person holds onto the end of the toilet paper and rolls it 20 feet across the ground to the second team member.
  2. The second person rolls it to the third.
  3. The third person picks up the roll, and wraps the toilet paper back onto it toward the second person.
  4. The second person wraps up the roll toward the first person.
  5. Present a prize to the team that finishes rolling up the toilet paper fastest.

Present a prize to the team that finishes rolling up the toilet paper fastest.

Cleaning Creature Contest

Separate housekeepers into teams of two or three. Provide each team with a large bucket of housekeeping supplies, including a mop, sponges, gloves, trash bag, and other non-liquid items they use for work. Be sure to include a roll of masking or duct tape and a Positive Promotions Umbrella as well. Give each team 10 minutes to make a creature out of the supplies you’ve provided.

Let the creators of the best creature keep the Umbrellas.

Sweeping Race

Set up four cones in a row, six feet apart from each other. One at a time, give housekeepers a broom, and have them sweep a tennis ball around the cones, weaving in and out between them. When they reach the last cone, have them bring the ball around it and weave in and out back towards the start. Add excitement to the activity by splitting the housekeepers into teams to make it a relay race.

Time each person or team and give the housekeeper(s) with the fastest time(s) a Tote Bag or Lunch Bag.

Wet towel toss

Mark a throw line on the floor or ground and place an empty garbage can 15 feet away from it. Stack dry washcloths and set a bucket of clean water next to the line. Ask housekeepers to take a washcloth, dip it into water, wring it out quickly, and then toss it from the throw line into the trash can. Challenge housekeepers to make as many “baskets” as possible in one minute.

Present an award to the person who sinks the most.

Towering Towel Carry

Split housekeepers into teams of two. Get one housekeeper on each team to stack as many hand towels as possible into his/her partner’s arms. Once the towel carrier’s arms are “maxed” out, have him/her walk 20 feet without dropping the towels. At the end, have the carrier drop the towels on a table.

Count the towels up and give whoever carried the most a prize.

Blindfolded Bed Making

Have housekeepers partner up, and give each duo a handkerchief. Ask one partner to blindfold the other, then give his/her partner the sheets, blankets, and pillowcases needed to make a bed. Have that person talk his/her blindfolded partner through the bed-making process.

Reward the team that does the best job.