October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Join the movement in a meaningful way by honoring breast cancer survivors and uniting with them to create new opportunities to raise awareness. Here are a few ideas for making your organization or program a source of support, inspiration, and hope for courageous survivors, their loved ones, and women everywhere.

Make It Personal
Breast Cancer Awareness - Make it personal
  • Form a team that participates in fundraising walks, runs, or events on behalf of one or more survivors.
  • Start a collection for a thoughtful gift for a survivor or her family during difficult times. Alternatives to giving a check or cash include a gift certificate to a grocery store, department store, or housecleaning service.
  • Provide t-shirts, bags, or bracelets to wear at events. Imprint the items with personalized messages of support bearing the survivor’s name.

Host a Health & Beauty Day

Dealing with treatments and their side effects is extremely hard on breast cancer survivors. Help them recapture their personal sense of well-being by organizing a health and beauty day for their benefit.

Breast Cancer Awareness - host a health and beauty day
  • Set up a manicure station and arrange for a stylist to do nails. Offer takeaway manicure sets and emery boards with inspiring messages.
  • Invite independent beauty professionals to offer makeup, skin care, or hairstyle consultations. Give participants take-away beauty tools, such as mirrors or cosmetic bags.
  • Offer treatment recovery information sessions with a healthcare professional. Give participants therapeutic items such as or gripper slipper socks.
  • Provide health-conscious refreshments catered by local business. Include a salad bar where participants can fill a reusable salad shaker with pink accents.
  • Promote fun and fitness. Hire an exercise professional to hold group dance sessions that accommodate various levels of physical ability. Give participants water bottles with messages of hope.

Plan a “Celebrate Life” Party

Organize a party that celebrates life and the hope for a cure. Help survivors rejoice in their successful fight against the disease to date while you also raise awareness in your organization or community.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Celebrate Life
  • Set up a special table or area in honor of each survivor’s life. Include meaningful objects that represent steps in her personal journey.
  • Give out themed Celebrate Life gifts as party favors.
  • Invite survivors to speak or join in musical or other party entertainment.
  • Provide a photo booth or selfie station for guests with photo props.
  • Get everyone hopping by leading them in “line dancing for life” sessions.

In Tribute
Breast Cancer Awareness - In tribute
  • Turn a small outdoor or indoor tree near your entry area into a tribute to survivors. Tie pink ribbons on the branches printed with survivors’ names and messages of unity, hope, and support.
  • The best protection is early detection, so honor survivors by promoting breast health. Offer incentive prizes to women who have mammograms or other breast-care screenings in October.
  • Sometimes the best way to help someone is by listening. Ask survivors to share their stories and experiences at an event, on your webpage, in your newsletter, on a dedicated Facebook page, or at

There is no substitute for the support of others when it comes to dealing with breast cancer. You can make a meaningful contribution to survivors and their families with a clear message of unity and encouragement.