Job Fair Planning Checklist

A job fair is an opportunity to showcase your organization and find the best job candidates to fill positions. Take the following steps into consideration when planning your next job fair, but keep in mind that you may have to add steps or adjust the timeline to meet the needs of your particular event.

✔ Before The Event

8-12 weeks

  • Assemble a job fair planning team
  • Determine the location, date, and time, and reserve the location
  • Establish a budget
  • Invite other agencies to participate, if applicable
  • Develop a media plan to promote the event

4-7 weeks

  • Create a schedule for the job fair
  • Order essential job fair supplies, such as giveaways, promotional materials, and other items
  • Confirm the participation of other agencies
  • Determine who will participate from your organization
  • Identify available job opportunities for which participants can apply
  • Implement the media plan

1-3 weeks

  • Finalize facility arrangements
  • Develop a tentative floor plan
  • Verify event help and volunteers
  • Print out event schedules and floor plan maps to hand out at the door
✔ Day Of The Event
  • Set up booths and other areas
  • Ensure any issues are handled properly
✔ After The Event
  • Send thank-you notes to agencies that participated
  • Solicit feedback from job fair and agency participants
  • Review applicants for available positions
Job Fair Checklist Job Fair Checklist

Recruitment Tips
  • Pens make great, economical, easy to carry items to give away at your next job fair. They are also an item that people tend to keep and use again and again, making them a perfect company promotion!
  • Everyone appreciates a good pun! Gifts with clever wording are a wonderful way to attract good-humored potential employees– and make your job opportunities stand out!
  • When choosing job fair giveaways, opt for compact and lightweight items. They’re easier for you and recipients to carry, they take up minimal storage space at your table, and your name will still get noticed in a big way!
  • Healthcare is serious business--but your promotional giveaways don’t have to be! Handing out fun, medical-themed products is the perfect way to set you apart from your competition and make recruits remember your facility long after the fair! Scrubs-shaped items and designs are a proven hit with potential healthcare staff and something they will keep around and use over and over again!