Promoting a Safe Workplace

Any day is a perfect time of year to encourage employee safety through programs that emphasize education, motivation, and recognition. Combining affordable products with engaging activities and events is a great way to grab your employees’ attention and create a lasting impression of the importance and value of workplace safety.

Promoting a Safe Workplace
Promoting a Safe Workplace
The Road to Safety

A safe workplace begins with safe travel to the workplace. Invite a professional, such as a highway patrol officer or AAA representative, to speak with your group about vehicle safety. Here are some other “safe travel” suggestions:

  • Organize an Auto Safety lunch where participants can swap stories about their commuting experiences and share how they avoided some “close calls.” Hold a drawing for auto emergency kits.
  • Set up a vehicle inspection station in your parking lot. Have a trusted mechanic conduct the inspections and interact with your employees one-on-one.
  • Encourage carpooling among your employees. Carpooling decreases traffic congestion and pollution while saving money on gasoline, vehicle maintenance, toll charges, and parking fees. Reward the carpoolers in your group with insulated travel mugs.
  • Give a safety gift such as a pull-apart key tag or a roadside kit to those who participate in the auto safety programs.
Promoting a Safe Workplace
In Case of Fire

It’s essential to organize orderly evacuations in the event of a fire or other emergency. Plan for practice drills throughout the year so employees can familiarize themselves with exit locations. Make sure there are at least two unobstructed paths out of every area, and prepare a designated meeting spot for everyone to gather outside. A few more ideas for developing fire safety awareness:

  • During a fire drill, set a time goal for everyone to reach the meeting spot outside. Reward each employee if the “in-time” goal is met.
  • Plan a fire safety Lunch and Learn with a local firefighter as a featured speaker. Offer employees a Passport to Fire Safety for attending this important event.
  • Develop a “What to Do in Case of Fire” quiz, and invite everyone to test their fire-safety knowledge. The quiz can be completed through email or in department-wide get-togethers. Award the winners with first aid kits.
Promoting a Safe Workplace
Make It a Banner Year

A 100% safe work environment should be a goal of every organization. Hang eye-catching safety banners throughout your facility as a reminder that your employees’ safety is a top priority.

  • Plan a pizza party each month to celebrate another “safe month at work.” Ask employees to share tips for working safely.
  • Write the word SAFETY on a whiteboard. Ask your workers to come up with other words relating to a safe workplace, starting with S (like “stress-free”), then A (like “alert”), and so on. Distribute flashlight pens for bright ideas.
  • High stress levels have been proven to increase the risk of on-the-job accidents. Consider offering workshops on stress management and relaxation techniques, or invite a comedian to perform and hand out stress relievers. Laughter can instantly relieve stress!

Safety is a year-round concern in and out of the workplace. Make time to focus on preventing workplace accidents, which can reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity. The safety of your valued employees is vital to the success of your company and the overall well-being of your workers. Always “Think Safety”!

Promoting a Safe Workplace