October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrate by driving awareness with helpful breast health information for your organization or community. By combining effective planning and creative activities, you can supply memorable—even life-saving—knowledge and tools about this disease.

Spread the Message

Show your concern for the health of your employees, clients, and community. Provide informative materials and organize awareness activities throughout the month.

  • Decorate key communal areas with breast cancer awareness posters and signs.
  • Hold a “You Deserve a Hand” luncheon or tea for the hard-working women who juggle multiple roles as mothers, wives, and caregivers. Arrange for free manicure stations and offer manicure sets and emery boards as take-away gifts. Invite a healthcare professional or nutritionist to speak about healthy habits that help reduce breast cancer risk.
  • Email a daily question about breast health to all employees and enter all correct answers into a daily raffle for useful workplace stationery items that offer messages of awareness and hope.
  • Organize a breast cancer awareness treasure hunt. Strategically “hide” breast cancer awareness drinkware, bracelets, and lapel pins throughout your facility. Ask employees to report their found treasure to an assigned coordinator through a text message or photo. Have the coordinator send out company-wide updates through tweets, emails, text messages, or your company’s Facebook page.
Breast Cancer Awareness - spread the message

Empower Employees

Help your workforce become breast-health ambassadors.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Empower employees
  • Replace current ID tag lanyards and pens with those bearing motivational messages.
  • Hold fun brainstorming workshops in all departments of your organization. Have staff members team up to think of creative ways they can promote breast cancer awareness. Implement winning ideas and award participants.
  • Give employees take-home tools, such as self-exam shower cards, to help them educate the women in their lives.

Pink It Up!

Pink is the official color for breast cancer awareness. This October, create an environment that celebrates it!

  • Decorate indoors and out with pink-hued flowers, Indian corn tied with pink ribbon, and autumnal pumpkins and gourds that have been painted pink or carved with breast cancer awareness messages and symbols.
  • Provide pink breast-awareness T-shirts and designate “wear pink to work” days. Consider providing discounts or gifts for clients that wear pink throughout the month.
  • Hold a staff “Pink”-nic with pink food and drink. Raffle off breast cancer awareness water bottles and salad shakers.
Pink it up - Breast Cancer Awareness

Help Out with a Health Fair
Help Out with a Breast Cancer Awareness Health Fair
  • Sponsor a mobile mammogram unit where women can take advantage of on-the-spot screenings. Give each participant a takeaway gift, such as an awareness lapel pin.
  • Add your business’s name to imprintable items such as monthly planners.
  • Donate free services or goods as prizes.
  • Attach breast cancer educational items such as bookmarks or glancers to your business cards or brochures.

October provides many opportunities for breast cancer awareness outreach. By combining fun and education, you can engage your customers, clients, staff, and the community. Together you can help instill positive habits, spread awareness, advance prevention, and unite in the fight for a cure.