Red Ribbon Week Ideas

Promote A Drug- And Bully-Free School With Fun Ideas! Celebrate Red Ribbon Week in October and stress good character at your school with these unique and creative ideas! Using products from Positive Promotions, you can engage young minds and educate students during memorable events by featuring important bully prevention and anti-drug messages.

01. YES, WE CAN!

Let students know that they can be heroes by staying drug free and doing good deeds in their community. Organize a canned food drive at your school to show kids how easy it is to make a difference. Send a letter home with them the week before so their parents know to send them to school with a few canned food items during Red Ribbon Week. Give each student who makes a donation a "Real Heroes Don't Do Drugs" Water Bottle With Cape. Be sure to get a picture for the school newsletter of all the food items that were collected and donated to a local food bank.


Send an anti-drug and anti-bullying message to your school and community in a creative way. Get the help of older students to write a message in a chain link fence on school property. Stick red Solo® cups inside the holes in the fence to write a life-sized message. Give students who help out their own special cups as thanks, such as "IT'S COOL TO BE DRUG FREE!" Mood Cups. Unveil the message to all students at the school during the beginning of Red Ribbon Week. Then, have everyone sign a "United We Stand Against Bullying And Drugs" Pledge Banner.


Encourage students and teachers to take their enthusiasm for Red Ribbon Week to another level. Throughout the week, see which classroom has the most students who embody the theme of the day. Announce at the end of every school day which classroom showed the most "Red Ribbon spirit" and invite those students to come to your office to get a prize, such as a "Stay Sharp Live Drug Free!" Heat-Sensitive Pencil or a "No Drugs! No Bullies! No Excuses!" Red Sparkle Foil Pencil.

Red RibbonWeek


Make sure your anti-bullying activities reach beyond your school walls and into the community. Invite reporters from local newspapers and television stations to visit your school and cover your efforts to keep your school bully free. Prior to the media's visit, make sure that each student and staff member wears either a "Be A Force For Kindness" Laminated Tag or Silicone Bracelet to show support for the message of being kind to all.

Red RibbonWeek


Teach students to respect each other's differences during lunch in the cafeteria—the place where students are most visibly divided. Encourage kids to get out of their comfort zone and sit with students that they don't normally interact with. Give lunchroom monitors "Character Counts In Everything You Do!" T-Shirts to wear that day, and pass out "Character Counts In Everything You Do!" Water Bottles to students who embrace the activity.


Put student cell phones to good use and make them a tool to help students commit to a drug-free lifestyle. Set up a "selfie station" or photo booth for students with a drug-free message in the background, such as "Picture Your Future Drug Free". Encourage students to take pictures and post them on social media with a special hashtag. Give every student who participates an item from a theme Kit.


Let students know that it's cool not to use drugs by having a beach theme one day. Ask students to wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and sunglasses to school. Feature tropical dishes on the lunch menu, such as ham and pineapple pizza, banana cream pie, orange slices, and lemonade. As students enter school that day, pass out "I'm Too Cool To Do Drugs" Paper Bracelets and "Our School Is Too Cool To Do Drugs" Bookmarks.


Remind students that life is a gift and they should make healthy decisions, plus stay drug free throughout their lives. Highlight this message by tying the theme "You Only Live Once" (or "YOLO") into your Red Ribbon Week activities. Include giveaways throughout the week that focus on personal responsibility and individuality, including "Be Strong, Be True, Be You Drug Free!" Gold Foil-Stamped Ribbons.

Red RibbonWeek


October and pumpkins are synonymous, so incorporate this traditional Fall feature into your Red Ribbon Week activities. Give a large pumpkin to each classroom and challenge the students and teacher to come up with a unique anti-drug slogan that relates to anything about Fall, such as "Don't Fall For Drugs!" Have them paint the slogans on the pumpkins. Showcase the pumpkins at the end of the week by lining them up on tables in the cafeteria and letting students and staff members walk through and view them. Set out bowls on the tables filled with lollipops for students to take.


Use your school's "PAW" power for good this Red Ribbon Week. Ask students to bring in donations of dog treats for a local animal shelter. Hand out "These PAWS Don't Touch Drugs" Temporary Tattoos to students who participate. At the end of the week, have a representative from the shelter come to your school and accept the donation. Have him or her bring an adoptable dog so students get to see one of the animals their donations help.

Red RibbonWeek