9 Ways to Show Appreciation For Teachers and Staff

Teachers and staff work hard to make a difference, and a little recognition can help them feel valued all year long. Between special events and appreciation gifts, there are many ways to say “thanks.” Here are several easy-to-implement staff and teacher appreciation ideas to get you started!

Express Gratitude for Your Teachers’ Hard Work

Hold special events to recognize your tireless teachers. Then, give them tokens of appreciation to add to the impact.

Express Gratitude for Your Teachers’ Hard Work

1. Organize a car wash for your teachers at lunchtime and/or after school. Recruit parent volunteers to help out. Offer to wash bikes for teachers who cycle to work, too!

2. Create a festive environment in your teachers’ lounge. Use balloons and posters to decorate, and offer gifts such as travel mugs and lunch bags. Play fun and relaxing music to nurture an environment where teachers feel welcome and appreciated.

3. Hire or recruit massage therapists for a day to give quick massages in the teachers’ lounge. Have stress balls, herbal tea packets, and lavender sachets available to prolong the relaxation.

Help Students Thank Teachers

Busy students might not stop to offer praise to their teachers—so give them ideas to appreciate those who work hard to make learning fun!

Help Students Help Teachers

4. Assign students a task of expressing thanks to teachers every day for a week. Give them suggestions, such as bringing in a teacher’s favorite snack, surprising the teacher with flowers, or creating a drawing of something they know their teacher likes.

5. Place a table in the lobby of your school and ask students to vote for their teachers in specific categories, such as “Funniest Teacher,” “Best Smile,” “Most School Spirit,” and more. Make sure there are enough categories to cover every teacher in your school and that each teacher is selected for a category. When voting is complete, have students present teachers with custom awards.

6. Encourage students to create large posters to thank their teachers. Have students in each classroom include photos of the teacher, pictures of things the teacher loves, funny or interesting quotes from the teacher, and more. Help them hang these posters on the outside of classroom doors so everyone can see how much their teachers are appreciated.

Appreciate School Staff and Volunteers

Your school wouldn’t be the same without the office staff, volunteers, maintenance staff, and parents who help it run. Get creative when it comes to telling them “Thanks!”

Recognize Staff and Volunteers

7. Designate part of a hallway to staff and volunteers and set up an “Appreciation Station.” Cover a bulletin board with staff photos and thank-you cards. Fill a table full of snacks, treats, and other food gifts. Encourage staff and volunteers to stop by and grab some goodies!

8. Pick a staff group—such as the office/administrative staff, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, or maintenance staff—to recognize each day throughout the week. Announce over the PA each morning which group is being honored. Give handwritten notes of thanks and lapel pins to each person in that day’s group.

9. Create a section of your website designated to volunteers. Include photos, recent news, and special ways that they make everyone’s day easier. Advertise the new section of the website in your school’s newsletter.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and those who work at schools are particularly deserving of praise for their hard work. Take the time to express your gratitude, and make your school community an even happier place for everyone!