Cancer Ribbons

May 2016 • Written by Positive Promotions
Ten Cancer Ribbons Show A
Commitment To The Cause

A looped colored ribbon may be small, but it carries big meaning. Awareness ribbons are pinned to lapels for all kinds of causes—and cancer ribbons are no exception. Each ribbon color represents a different cancer type and symbolizes a commitment to raising awareness and helping to discover the cure. Just as importantly, the ribbons represent a show of support for cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Give out ribbons to donors at breast cancer awareness and men’s health awareness fundraising events—or wear them as everyday reminders of the issue’s importance. Below is a list of 10 cancers and the ribbons associated with them. Use these to promote awareness and support in your community or organization.

Brain cancer: Gray ribbon

1. Brain cancer: Gray ribbon
Breast cancer: Pink ribbon

2. Breast cancer: Pink ribbon
Cervical cancer: Teal and white ribbon

3. Cervical cancer: Teal
and white ribbon
Colon cancer: Dark blue ribbon

4. Colon cancer: Dark blue ribbon
Hodgkin’s lymphoma: Violet ribbon

5. Hodgkin’s lymphoma: Violet ribbon
Leukemia: Orange ribbon

6. Leukemia: Orange ribbon
Lung cancer: White ribbon

7. Lung cancer: White ribbon
Lymphoma: Lime green ribbon

8. Lymphoma: Lime green ribbon
Ovarian cancer: Teal ribbon

9. Ovarian cancer: Teal ribbon
Prostate cancer: Light blue ribbon

10. Prostate cancer: Light blue ribbon