Promoting Healthy Families During World Breastfeeding AWARENESS

World Breastfeeding Awareness is August 1-7. Promote breastfeeding and encourage new parents to choose an experience of special bonding and health for their new arrival. The entire community can pull together to support breastfeeding through a variety of World Breastfeeding Awareness ideas and activities. And don’t lose momentum…why not celebrate the whole month? August is National and World Breastfeeding Month. Here are a few ideas to help promote breastfeeding in your organization:

Spa-tacular Event

Becoming a new mom can be a tough transition. Make new moms feel special. Organize a Breastfeeding Moms’ Spa Day and consider inviting moms-to-be as well.

  • Work with local businesses to coordinate a stylist to do hair and nails.
  • Invite local independent beauty consultants to do makeup.
  • Have babysitters available so moms can fully relax for this special event
  • Provide snacks, cake, or even a meal catered by local restaurants.
  • Award door prizes from other community businesses.
  • Make sure no mom or mom-to-be leaves empty handed! Distribute breastfeeding pocket pals, breastfeeding water bottles, and New Mom’s Handbooks.

Care Packages

When it comes to raising awareness about the health benefits of breastfeeding, it all starts with a new mother’s doctor. Healthcare organizations can create care packages with helpful information about the importance of breastfeeding newborns.

  • Include information about WIC, support groups, and other breastfeeding help within the community.
  • These packets can be delivered to Early Head Start programs, churches, day cares, and local businesses—anywhere in the community that could reach a mom-to-be!
  • Enclose “Breastfeeding: The Basics” Bilingual Handbooks and breastfeeding magnets.

A Show of Support

Host a booth at a health fair. This is a fantastic way to reach a wide audience and promote breastfeeding, dispel myths, and encourage moms-to-be and all attendees to support the healthiest way to feed babies: breastfeeding!

  • Have your booth staff wear “I Support Breastfeeding” buttons, and offer them at your booth for interested visitors.
  • Hand out goody bags with information about your organization as well as helpful breastfeeding materials, such as “Breastfeeding...What To Expect” Magnetic Glancers.
  • Attract visitors to your booth with balloons and a colorful bowl of "Thanks For Your Commit-‘mint’ To Breastfeeding”
    Butter Mints

It’s Latching On

Organize a “Latch On” event at a local park or other community space. Bring moms together to support each other in their own breastfeeding journeys and encourage moms-to-be to take steps toward breastfeeding their developing babies.

  • Pass out onesies and t-shirts to help distinguish moms and babies from the crowd.
  • Invite food and beverage vendors, and offer free refills to those who use breastfeeding water bottles.
  • Organize a few games for kids, and give breastfeeding bracelets and stickers to participants.

Events such as World Breastfeeding Awareness help ensure that all babies get the best start. Remember, moms can’t breastfeed alone. They need YOUR help as well as the support of their community. Through a multi-level approach with events, activities, and accurate information, breastfeeding can be promoted and sustained. World Breastfeeding Awareness is the ideal time to make this happen. Your involvement makes a difference.