A logo can say so much about your brand.
It's the symbol of your company, meant to resonate most easily with customers and clients.
Your logo can also communicate the core values you stand behind, to both the corporate and consumer worlds.
by Joe Tura
That's why
the color you select for your logo is equally as important as the design, and can be quite powerful for maintaining brand awareness.
Think of advertising's most iconic logos*. Gas stations you see every day. Even your favorite sports team. There's little doubt these organizations all chose their logos after much discussion, and with market research data to back up every decision.
danger excitement aggression domination
adventure playfulness sense of purpose
energy optimism happiness good cheer
organic reliability natural comfortable
sophistication versatility timelessness prestige
recently cited an article on brand colors created by Business 2 Community, where the author discussed various colors, their advertising benefits and possible disadvantages in the marketplace.
health serenity eco-friendly greed
security confidence productivity calm
romance femininity vitality youth
luxury royalty richness affluence mystery
The Inc. article also referenced a 2012 study published in the Journal of Business Research, which focuses on the importance of firm performance and brand aesthetics, as well as brand logo benefits. Concentrating on three areas of concern—self-identity and expression, communication of functionality, and visual appeal—the researchers, all from prestigious business schools, concluded that brand logos are more effective and powerful tools in the relationship between consumers and brands than was previously believed, and can also help with recognition if they fully realize their marketing and creative potential.
But what does this say about your brand, and how can Positive Promotions help increase your own brand awareness? With many of our personalized promotional products, you have the ability to choose the color of the imprint you want to place on the items you're ordering, as well as the color of the item itself. Such color choices are extremely important, especially when you're trying to reach the biggest number of people possible, and more importantly, sharing your brand identity with the public.
When looking for the right giveaway at your next event, take into account the venue as well as the audience. At crowded trade shows or conferences, choose a color that not only complements your brand, but will also stand out amongst row after row of vendors and merchants. You'll want to catch the eye of passers-by and increase the amount of traffic to your space with something bold and bright, but never garish. At health fairs and community events, a classic color people would be delighted to reuse over and over usually works best, since odds are you'll select a hand-out that's as practical as it is perfect for promoting your name or message. But whichever color you choose, be sure your brand is the element that remains in the spotlight.
Of course, you always want your logo color to be as consistent as possible, but don't be afraid to diversify the colors of your promos. Choose one that corresponds to your brand, but won't make it fade into the background. Cater to the specific event also, by matching the color of your booth or a secondary color in your company imprint. Best of all, promos with different colors might just influence people to collect different products with your logo on them.
Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Pick a color that gets your brand noticed in any possible setting, and expresses your identity with confidence. You might just become the next Kleenex, MasterCard, YouTube, or UPS.
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