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The State of Employee Wellness Programs Survey

The State Of Employee Wellness Programs Survey

Positive Promotions researchers received survey results from nearly 400 hospitals across the country. We're happy to share some of the findings from the Hospital Resource Survey with you here, in hopes that it may inspire you to start your own programs.

Quick Tips To Help Achieve Social Media Marketing Success

Quick Tips To Help Achieve Social Media Marketing Success

When developing a marketing campaign for your company, it's important you don’t overlook social media.

The Changing Face of Volunteerism

The Changing Face Of Volunteerism

The 21st century workforce has changed from previous generations, with Millennials emerging as the major force.

The Power of Logo Colors when Marketing Your Brand

The Power Of Logo Colors When Marketing Your Brand

A logo can say so much about your brand. It's the symbol of your company, meant to resonate most easily with customers and clients.