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When you're in the market for principal appreciation gifts, browse our large inventory of writing instruments and you'll discover there's something for everyone! Principals appreciate the power of the pen when it comes to writing, and our premium pens make the perfect gift for the person who leads your school. Each of our principal pens can be personalized with your school name or mascot to make the presentation more memorable.

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Every principal needs a pen, and a premium writer from Positive Promotions makes a fine gift when you are looking to show appreciation. Our impressive collection of multi-function pens always comes in handy, with features like flashlights and even rulers and levels for precise measuring. We have many recognition slogans you can choose from, or you can inscribe principal pens with the name of your school for a more personal way to show thanks.

Whether you are looking for a classic ballpoint or an executive writing instrument, our principal pens come in a variety of styles and colors, and many feature stylus tips to help principals navigate tablets, smartphones, or touchscreens, keeping them smudge- and fingerprint-free. You can also make your gift extra special by selecting one of our portfolios, clipboards, sticky pad sets, and other “add-ons” that go hand in hand with pens.