Promotional Notepads

Promotional notepads

Every desk could use a set of promotional notepads, always a useful addition to daily tasks around the workplace. Here at Positive Promotions, we offer selections paired with custom sticky notes and sticky flags, perfect for jotting down quick ideas, notices, or follow-ups. Whether marking up tests, reports, legal documents, or even personal reminders in the home, notepads and note cubes make handy stationery products for employees, teachers, and staff members alike.

Item# OS-9958
Available in 23 colors

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$1.38 each!
Item# OSA5440
Available in 5 colors

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$1.99 each!
Item# OSA8640
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$8.48 each!
Item# OSW4127
Available in 6 colors

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$1.05 each!

Promotional notepads are one of the few office supplies that no desk should be without. Often designed in square shapes, these custom sticky notes are great to have on hand for writing down quick reminders, noting ideas to save for a later date, or even making a shopping list.

We carry a unique selection of promotional notepads to which you can add your logo or message and create an affordable promo for trade shows and health fairs, or to simply keep the office supply room stocked with branded adhesive notepads. Because they're used so often in both the home and the office, our personalized notepads are a great way to stay ahead of the competition—every sheet reminds the user of your name and services.