Each October, teachers, administrators, parent associations, community leaders, and student councils join together to teach children of all ages about the harmful effects of drugs. Red Ribbon Week is an honored tradition celebrated across the nation in schools and community programs to demonstrate the positive impact a healthy drug-free lifestyle can have on the future. The event is also a time to highlight the benefits of good character, respect towards peers, and thoughtful decisions.

Positive Promotions stands behind the mission of Red Ribbon Week. We are honored to show our support by sponsoring an annual contest to recognize those schools and communities that celebrate the initiative in creative ways. Out of countless entries that all deserve praise, the winners of our 2012 Red Ribbon Week contest have been selected and are presented here. Through acclaim of the remarkable educational and awareness efforts presented by the winning schools, along with the celebration ideas that we’ve gathered from across the country, we hope to inspire participation during Red Ribbon Week 2013 in equally outstanding ways.

  • North Columbia Elementary fifth-grade students
    proudly hung banner in front of school.

  • Leonard Elementary students received Smarties®
    on “Be An All-American Smartie–Say Nope To Dope Day”

  • Zack Motley Elementary students formed a
    “sea of red” on “Red Rally Day”

  • Lake and Osgood Elementary students participated in a placemat decorating contest featuring drug free themes
  • Grand Prize
  • North Columbia Elementary School

From the moment one approached North Columbia Elementary School during Red Ribbon Week, their message was clear. Displayed prominently on the front of the school was Positive Promotions vinyl banner boasting the sentiment of all students, teachers, and staff inside, “Proud of Our Safe & Drug Free School.” United as a school community, North Columbia Elementary School’s 5th grade students kicked off their celebration by showing younger students they have a responsibility to stay drug-free as they get older. They displayed Positive Promotions “Show Good Character by Being Drug Free” Red Ribbon in the hallway to remind students of the importance of positive character traits. Younger students learned that “The Best Me is Drug Free” by highlighting the positive about themselves and their goals for the future on colorful posters. These posters were put on display for all to see on the school’s Red Ribbon Week wall, which was signed by students after they completed individual grade level lessons focusing on the importance of staying drug free. Each morning began with positive messages about staying drug free during the morning announcements. Students were asked to participate in themed days to show support for making healthy decisions. Every morning, students were given Positive Promotions Theme Stickers to match the theme of the day. To kick the week off, “Wear Red Day” honored the symbolic color of Red Ribbon Week and displayed how students respect themselves and others. “Sock It To Drugs” Day encouraged students to get wild with crazy or mismatched socks. For “Put a Cap On Drugs” Day, students had fun wearing interesting hats to say, “We need to appear positive, think positively, and the character of everyone will improve.” Students showed how smart they were on “I’m Too Bright For Drugs” day by wearing vibrant colors. To show a united front against drugs, the week culminated with “One School, One Goal, Drug Free” Day in which students wore clothing that promoted school spirit. In order for students to understand that being drug free affects the whole community, students were invited to bring in an unopened package of new socks to be donated to the local clothes closet. To conclude Red Ribbon Week, students participated in a school carnival where they especially enjoyed the opportunity to play “Don’t Flush Your Life Down the Drain” game. At the carnival, students received Positive Promotions “Say Boo to Drugs” and “Don’t Get Caught in the Web of Drugs” Halloween Bags for trick-or-treating later that day.

  • Second Place
  • Leonard Elementary School

For the fourth consecutive year, Leonard Elementary School has made Red Ribbon Week more meaningful to their student body by tying it into their school-wide theme for the year. In honor of the presidential election of 2012, Leonard Elementary School focused on a patriotic theme, “We Vote for a Drug-Free Future!” Halls, bulletin boards, and classrooms were decked in red, white, and blue decorations including Positive Promotions 60' Stringed Pennants. To jumpstart their Red Ribbon Week celebration, students and staff all wore red to declare their vote for a drug-free future. Students and staff cast their “ballot” to live a healthy lifestyle in the ballot box placed before a large display of an American flag, which students signed as a pledge to live drug-free. Upon signing, students received Positive Promotions “I’m Voting For a Drug-Free Life!” Bookmark. They also received Positive Promotions red ribbons to tie to their backpacks, many side by side with the ribbons they received the year before. Each day throughout the week, a patriotic theme was designated. Students excitedly wore their favorite caps and a Positive Promotions “Put a Cap On Drugs” Sticker on “’CAP’-italize On A Drug Free Life” Day. Following the theme, “Red, White, and Blue and Drug Free Too” Day encouraged students and staff to sport their best patriotic attire. On other days like “Get Stuck on Taffy – Not Drugs” Day and “Be An All-American Smartie – Say Nope to Dope” Day, students received candy rewards of Taffy and Smarties. Lessons in the classroom included age-appropriate discussions based on books like The Red Ribbon Story of Hope and songs sung with lyrics like “It ain’t cool; don’t be a fool! Walk away and just say N-O, No!” After the conclusion of Red Ribbon Week, the flag signed by students was presented to the city council in a presentation ceremony and is now proudly displayed in the local police department as a reminder to celebrate living drug-free year round.

  • Third Place
  • Zack Motley Elementary School

At Zack Motley Elementary School, known as “The Greatest School On the Planet” to its students and staff, Red Ribbon Week is all about having fun while educating students on the dangers of drugs and how to make smart/healthy decisions as they grow. Each day had a theme to remind students to say no to drugs. They started the week as a school united against drugs by wearing their school pride Motley shirts and flip-flops on “Motley Students Walk Away from Drugs” Day. As the week progressed, students wore tennis shoes on “Run Away From Drugs” Day, slippers on “Give Drugs the Slip” Day, and sunglasses on “Too Bright to Do Drugs” Day. Students signed a pledge to be a “drug-free kid” who is “working to help the community stay drug-free.” Each one received Positive Promotions red ribbons, bookmarks, and bracelets to remind them of their pledge and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The weeklong educational celebration culminated in a sea of red on “Red Rally Day.” Students drowning in red from head to toe gathered in the gymnasium for a Red Ribbon Rally to compete to see who wore the most articles of red. The winning class had over 550 pieces including painted faces, dyed hair, and Rudolph noses! At the rally, 6th grade students on instruments led the younger students in a chant written especially for them by their music teacher: “Red means we are saying no to drugs! There’s a bright future ahead of us!” Other activities throughout the week included lessons taught in the classroom with Positive Promotions Educational Activities books and videos like “Natural High” and “The Boy That Was Swallowed by the Drug Monster.”

  • Honorable Mention
  • Lake and Osgood Elementary Schools

Lake and Osgood Elementary Schools celebrated Red Ribbon Week as a fundraising and awareness event in true community fashion. It was a week to “Celebrate good choices, being bucket fillers, and awesome students!” The year’s theme chosen by the Safety Team was “I Believe in ME!” After hosting an “Operation Life Saver Assembly,” students gathered for a kick-off assembly where they were led in chants and cheers, recited “character” and “bucket” pledges, and heard the “Red Ribbon Week Proclamation” promoting a drug-free life. Earlier in the month, students participated in a placemat decorating contest. The winners were announced during the assembly and were given Positive Promotions silicone bracelets and a Positive Promotions “I’m Too Smart to Start” Football. Later in the week, the local pizzeria hosting “Eat Out Night” used the submitted placemats for patrons. Families and students were encouraged to attend “Eat Out Night” as the pizzeria agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds back to the schools. Also hosted was a “High Rollers Game Night.” All students who attended these events received a Positive Promotions silicone bracelet and face tattoo that could be worn in school. To encourage students to wear their bracelets all week, those spotted with it on received on-the-spot treats. Throughout the week, students and staff could purchase “STARS” for their peers, colleagues, or anyone of their choosing to be displayed with their name on a prominent bulletin board for the year. Teachers could also participate in a “Kick the Bucket” Raffle giving them the chance to win a “half day off” and have the school principal take over in the classroom for the other half. Students received Positive Promotions-themed stickers on select days during the week when they participated in theme day fundraisers, which allowed them to wear a crazy hat or sunglasses for $1.00. Red Ribbon Week at Lake and Osgood Elementary Schools symbolically pulled the plug on drugs in their community with “Black Out Drugs” Day when students wore all black. They each received a Positive Promotions theme sticker to match.

Red Ribbon Weeks Elementary School Celebration Ideas!
Together we CAN

At EJ Hayes Elementary School in North Carolina, students got a confidence boost by giving back to their community. Encouraged by their slogan, “Being drug-free comes in CANS…I can, You can, We can,” students brought in non-perishable canned food to donate to a local food shelter just in time for the Thanksgiving season. By giving back to those more unfortunate, these students made a difference in the lives of others. Reward students who offer a donation of canned goods with a “Be the Change You Wish To See In The World” 2-Sided Silicone Bracelet (GN-6849E). Every time students wear their bracelet, they will be reminded of the importance of helping others.

Positive Role Models

The young students of Minnesauke Elementary School in New York reminded prom-going seniors in their district high school of their responsibility to be role models to young students like themselves. Classes wrote letters to the seniors encouraging them to make smart choices on prom night by not drinking alcohol or joining in drug use. Give elementary students a “My Future is Bright No Drugs in Sight!” Glow-in-the-Dark Pencil (PL-1175P) to write their words of encouragement to their older peers and keep as a reminder to themselves. For the seniors, include with the letter a “My Future is Bright No Drugs In Sight!” Push Button Light-Up Key Ring (KT-4937F).

The Healthy Way to Be

Physical activity is a healthy alternative to drug use. Sugarcreek Elementary School in Pennsylvania highlighted this during their Red Ribbon Week celebrations by keeping their theme sport-related. Each day was given a new sporty slogan that tied into being drug-free like “Winners Don’t Do Drugs” and “Stay in the Game, Be Drug Free.” Games are a great way to promote good character by being a team player, respecting teammates and opponents, and displaying good sportsmanship. Win or lose at the game, everyone is a winner if they respect each other. Give every student who participates a “Winners Don’t Do Drugs” Mini Football from our Assortment Pack (IOS-657P).

Life Blooms Drug-Free

Living drug-free is a year round lifestyle choice, not just a weeklong celebration. Whittier Elementary School in Oklahoma brought Red Ribbon Week from fall into spring by planting a “Promise Garden.” Each student, faculty, and staff member received a red tulip bulb that was then planted on the school grounds to form the shape of a ribbon. The intent is that when the flowers bloom in the spring, students will be reminded of the pledge they took to make healthy choices and to be drug-free. Our “Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Not Just For A Week But For Life” Red Satin Gold Foil Ribbon (RIB-373P) allows students to bring the message the garden represents home to remind them of living drug-free every day.

Red Sky Delight

In South Carolina at Clay Hill Elementary School, students took to the sky with their pledge to live drug free. After a weeklong celebration where students learned about the harmful effects of drugs and the negative impact they can have on their future, students were given a pledge to sign. These pledges were attached to the string of a balloon and released into the air to symbolize “Without Drugs Our Dreams Can Take Flight.” Our “Red Ribbon Celebration Pledge Balloons” (NT-3720) come printed with a pledge to be drug free and a Sharpie® to make this great visual proclamation easy to reproduce.

Furry Friends

Students at Tri-Valley Elementary in Pennsylvania showed good character during Red Ribbon Week by giving back to their “furry community.” To support their theme “These Paws Don’t Do Drugs” and to exemplify the impact that drugs, lifestyle choices, and character have on the entire community, students brought in items to donate to the local animal shelter. Students showing good character in other ways throughout the week could earn “dawg treats” to turn in at the school store for gifts like our “PAWS-itively Bully & Drug Free” 20-oz. Water Bottle (WB-790F) and “PAWS-itively Bully & Drug Free” Paw-Shaped Tag with Chain (NT-3716A, NT-3716B).

March Proud

At Bon Lin Elementary School, students pulled together their creative talent to create banners for a “Good Character Parade.” Dressed up in costumes of their favorite carnival characters, students marched from classroom to classroom showing off their artistic interpretations of the pillars of good character: respect, trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, fairness, and responsibility. Teach students that staying away from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs shows good character with our “Let Your Character Shine: Be Drug Free!” Educational Activities and Coloring Book (KCB-631V).

Walk A Mile Drug Free

Goliad Elementary School in Texas incorporated physical fitness into their Red Ribbon Week by bringing healthy living lessons into physical education classes. Students actively participated around the track by doing “Walk A Mile Drug Free” laps. Students were taught to appreciate all that their body can do for them when they stay healthy and away from drugs. For those students to complete the mile, our “Drug Free The Healthy Way to Be” Mini Canvas Hi-Top Sneaker Key Ring (KT-4870F) hanging from their backpack could serve as the perfect reminder of their accomplishment on the track and their pledge to live drug-free.

Door Decorating IDEAS
Submitted by Customers Like You:
  • “Drugs are UnBEARable”: Each student colored and decorated a
    picture of a teddy bear.
  • “We’re TOAD-ally Against Drugs”: Student showed they “leap away from drugs” by covering their door with leaping toads and lily pads.
  • “Knock Drugs Out of the Park”: Inspired by America’s favorite pastime, a large baseball diamond covered the door and each student’s name was printed on a baseball or bat.
  • “Drugs Will Haunt You”: Highlighting the Halloween season, this door design was “spooktacular,” covered in ghosts and goblins.
  • “Our ‘Mummies’ Say Stay Away From Drugs. You Can Count On Us.”: Students in this class were visited by Count Dracula and his mummy
    friends on their classroom door.
Both employees and patients at Delaney Radiologists decorated pumpkins with breast cancer awareness themes.
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