Each October, teachers, administrators, parent associations, community leaders, and student councils join together to teach children of all ages about the harmful effects of drugs. Red Ribbon Week is an honored tradition celebrated across the nation in schools and community programs to demonstrate the positive impact a healthy drug-free lifestyle can have on the future. The event is also a time to highlight the benefits of good character, respect towards peers, and thoughtful decisions.

Positive Promotions stands behind the mission of Red Ribbon Week. We are honored to show our support by sponsoring an annual contest to recognize those schools and communities that celebrate the initiative in creative ways. Out of countless entries that all deserve praise, the winners of our 2012 Red Ribbon Week contest have been selected and are presented here. Through acclaim of the remarkable educational and awareness efforts presented by the winning schools, along with the celebration ideas that we’ve gathered from across the country, we hope to inspire participation during Red Ribbon Week 2013 in equally outstanding ways.

  • Creekland Middle School held a door
    decorating contest featuring drug free themes.

  • Williams Valley quiz participants earned duct tape strips to help the music teacher demonstrate his motto, “I’m Drug Free and I’m Sticking To It”
  • Grand Prize
  • Creekland Middle School

This year, Creekland Middle School boasted the encouraging message, "Be All You Can Be, Be Drug Free," through its halls during Red Ribbon Week. Excited to bring the celebration to the middle school level, students eagerly participated in a wide variety of educational and awareness activities. A door decorating contest held throughout the week focused on the chosen message for the year and was a student favorite. The five winning classrooms received a "sweet reward" at the end of the week with a donut party. Hosting theme days was a way for the school community to show unity. Encouraged to "Sock It To Drugs," crazy sock day was a fun way for students to show their personality through socks of their choosing, while on "Twin Day," students dressed the same as a friend to express a united front against drugs. Other theme days included, "Team Up Against Drugs," in which students wore a sport or military shirt, and "Dress For Success" Day, in which students wore their best attire. To conclude the week of themes, the school community united to wear the symbolic color for Red Ribbon Week. Each morning throughout the week, individual students shared their reasons for living drug-free via the schools’ television announcements. Teachers created a lesson for each grade level teaching the effects drugs have on the body and brain. Upon completion, students signed a drug free pledge. Put on display in each classroom was a Positive Promotions bookmark as a reminder to live a drug-free lifestyle. All students received Positive Promotions red ribbons personalized with their school mascot. As an added bonus, Positive Promotions sent a treasure box of drug-free incentives that were distributed to students who participated in the various activities.

  • Second Place
  • Williams Valley School District

Red Ribbon Week at Williams Valley School District was completely coordinated by high school students in the district's STAND TALL Club. Open to students in grade 9-12, the STAND TALL committee organized activities for all grades K-12. At the elementary school level, club members conducted alcohol and drug awareness lessons. Students were given a Positive Promotions red ribbon to wear proudly throughout the week. Each of these lessons integrated an activity or craft unique to the grade level. Some of these lessons included, "Keep Your Hands Off Drugs," where students traced and colored their hand to be displayed in the hall, "Reach For the Stars, Be Drug Free," which had students decorate a star with how they live drug free, and "Chain Up Alcohol and Drugs," where the class created a chain of individual paper strips displaying each student's favorite drug-free activity. Other activities included a coloring contest in grades K-2, fifth graders decorating grocery bags with pictures and slogans promoting a drug-free lifestyle which were later distributed to customers at the local food market, a poster contest for 6th grade students held in conjunction with PA Liquor Control Board and dress up days like "Sock it to Drugs" Day. Every student received Positive Promotions giveaways such as water bottles, bracelets, tattoos, frisbees, and more to remind them of the important message of Red Ribbon Week. At the junior and senior high school level, students were allowed to wear a Halloween costume on “Say Boo to Drugs” Day. Students tested their knowledge with a drug and alcohol quiz to earn strips of duct tape to tape the music teacher to the wall to support his motto, "I'm Drug Free and I'm Sticking To It." There was an assembly for all grade levels that included games wearing "drunk goggles" so students could experience the disadvantage of excessive alcohol usage. Positive Promotions Red Ribbons were placed on all the cars in the parking lot at all of the schools to enhance the importance of making healthy decisions at all times. As a community effort, STAND TALL members participated in the local Halloween Parade handing out Positive Promotions Red Ribbons and drug awareness literature.

  • Third Place
  • Morton Magnet Middle School

At Morton Magnet Middle School, students were encouraged to take a stand against drugs every day in unique ways. At the beginning of the week, each student was given a Positive Promotions red ribbon. Students spotted wearing their ribbon were given Smarties candy to recognize how smart they are for choosing to live drug-free. On the first day of Red Ribbon Week, students watched a reenactment of the KiKi Camerena story created by the school's National Junior Honor Society. This group also created videos viewed over the course of the week to inform the student body about the dangers associated with drug use. A video called "The Tar Jar" described to students what goes into a person's lung as a result of smoke. The dangers of chewing and smoking tobacco to the mouth were revealed in the video, "Mr. Gross Mouth." The third video used real pig lungs to show students the difference between healthy lungs and those lungs that have been exposed to smoke for a prolonged period of time. Students were asked to create posters comparing a person living a healthy drug-free lifestyle to a person who was not. Throughout the week, the entire student body dressed according to themes. These included "Being Drug Free is No Sweat" Day, which allowed students to wear sweats. "Show Your Pride In Being Drug Free" Day encouraged students to wear the symbolic color for Red Ribbon Week. "Doing Drugs Is Crazy" Day let students play up their fun personalities with crazy socks. On "It’s Smart to Stay Drug Free" Day, students interpreted how to "dress smartly" in their own unique ways. The week concluded with a strong message and theme, "Drugs Are Scary." The final theme day fell on Halloween so students were encouraged to wear black and orange in tradition with the holiday.

  • Honorable Mention
  • La Cima Middle School

La Cima Middle School chose to recognize both the anti-drug and anti-bullying message during Red Ribbon Week. Their overall theme was "I Elect to Be Drug Free." To start the week, willing students signed a banner "electing" their choice to be drug-free. Those who participated received a Positive Promotions "I Elect to be Drug Free" Pencil. Using a photo board, students had their picture taken as "Uncle Sam" to say, "I Want You" to live drug and bully-free. Each day of the week was given a "spirit" slogan that allowed students to actively participate while sending a message about making healthy and wise decisions. "Shade Out Drugs" Day encouraged students to put drugs in the dark by wearing sunglasses and hats in school. "Hair's to a Drug and Bully Free Life" Day allowed students to come to school with "crazy" hairstyles to show they don't have to do drugs to be unique. "Peace Out to Drugs" Day showed students support of a healthy lifestyle through tie-dye and clothing adorned with peace symbols. On "Sock it to Drugs and Bullying" Day, students displayed their support with mismatched and crazy socks. On the final "spirit" day, students wore their red Cardinal T-shirt displaying the school mascot to show their school unity around the Red Ribbon Week mission. The daily announcements included drug and alcohol facts researched by students. Videos on different types of drugs were also shown throughout the week. Other activities included "drunk goggles," which allowed students to experience what it would be like under the influence of excessive alcohol, informative displays in the cafeteria, a banner designing contest and a short story writing assignment to share with elementary school students to teach them about the Red Ribbon Week message.

Red Ribbon Weeks Middle School Celebration Ideas!
4 Become 1

As a school community, Goliad Elementary and Intermediate Schools joined together to celebrate Red Ribbon Week and show a unified front against drugs.They showed their "Drug Free Tiger Spirit" at their annual Red Ribbon Parade. The parade made an entrance into the downtown historic area with our "Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Not Just For A Week But For Life" 6' x 4' Vinyl Banner (BN-288) Each grade level had a parade entry to enhance their theme "Life Is A Journey Drug Free." The parade came to an end with a community-wide pep rally to show that being drug-free affects the whole community.

Seeing SPOTS

Arcanium High School in Ohio brought Red Ribbon Week to the parking lot. Throughout the week, students unknowingly were participating in an activity called "Seeing Spots." Spots stand for "So Put on the Seatbelt." Throughout the week, brightly colored spots adorned the walls of the school with no explanation to students as they accumulated. To conclude Red Ribbon Week, the local police and SADD Club members conducted seat belt checks as students left the parking lot. Those not wearing seat belts received Dum Dum lollipops but those making the smart choice to wear their seat belt received Smarties candy from the "Smarties" Theme Kit (VP-5306).

Bully Patrol

LaFayette Township School in New Jersey believes it's important for students to learn to speak up for their peers. That is why they created a "Bully Patrol." A select group of students monitored bullying during recess. This group assumed the responsibility students have towards each other to treat everyone with respect by making sure their peers were not being teased, left out, or shown disrespect in any way. Start a "Bully Patrol" in your school to remind kids to take part in the effort to turn their peers away from bullying and drugs. Outfit students during recess with our "Friends Don't Let Friends Bully Or Do Drugs" T-Shirt (SH-9187 Youth - SH-9192 Adult) Our "Friends Don't Let Friends Bully or Do Drugs" Theme Kit (NT-3690) is a great resource for rewarding students who are "caught" being a friend to their peers.

Link Together

In Utah at Hillside Middle School, students "Linked Together Against Drugs." Students signed pledges to make smart choices, live drug-free, and show good character on long strips of paper, which were then intertwined and hung. By hanging their pledges in the lunchroom, students were reminded of their responsibility to make smart choices for themselves and in how they interact with their peers during a time throughout the school day that has less structure and guidance from teachers and staff. To take this event a step further, reward students showing good character at random with ribbons, pencils, and silicone bracelets from our "Show Good Character By Being Drug Free!" Theme Kit (NT-1260).

Drugs are Out of Bounds

Students at the St. Monica Academy in Illinois took to the court to say, "Slam Dunk Drugs Are Junk." Students were invited to some healthy competition with a free throw basketball contest. This contest highlighted a healthy alternative for release when faced with stressful situations over doing drugs. Reward students who participate in basketball related competitions with our "Shoot For the Stars Stay Drug Free!" Basketball (IOS-850V).

Good Character Reigns

At the Belle Chasse Academy in Louisiana, they stand by the six pillars of character every day: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. This year, teachers were invited to nominate students in their class who exemplified these six pillars in their actions on a regular basis to win the title King and Queen of Character. Student being nominated were not informed of their nomination and were surprised with their new title when winners were announced at a concluding Red Ribbon Week ceremony. Award students with a "Show Good Character By Being Drug-Free!" Two-Sided Drawstring Backpack (BP-322.)

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman!

Everyone wants to be invincible, but drug use is a sure way to make oneself vulnerable. Salem R80 Junior High in Missouri hosted a "Drugs Kill Our Superpowers" theme day to highlight the way drugs expose us to dangerous situations. Students were invited to dress up as their favorite superhero. Remind students that their minds and bodies are strongest drug-free with our "I Believe in Me Drug Free!" Temporary Tattoo (TS-283P). It is the perfect accessory to any superhero costume!

Forward March!

At Whitmore Lake High School in Missouri, a drill sergeant from a local military academy visited the students. As a lesson on leadership, the drill sergeant taught students a military march. To make the march their own, students created their own unique military chant to recite. A fun way to add competition to this lesson in leadership would be to host a chant writing activity. Invite students to write their own chant on good character. Choose one winner from each class to recite during the military march. Give each participating student a "Be A HERO" Tag with Chain (NT-2415A or NT-2415B) and reward the winning student with a "Be A HERO" Camouflage T-Shirt (shown on right) to wear as they lead their classes military march.

Door Decorating IDEAS
Submitted by Customers Like You:
  • "Spot Me Being Drug Free": Students decorated the door in catchy
    colorful polka dots.
  • "Call on Me to Be Drug Free": A large cell phone covered the door with the each student's picture.
  • "I Tune Out Drugs": An iPod and quarter notes with each student's picture in it decorated the door.
  • "We Don't Hang Around Drugs": Drugs are no monkey business. Students decorated the door with monkeys hanging from a large tree.
  • "There's a Galaxy of Reasons Not to Do Drugs": This door design went intergalactic with a large display of the Milky Way.
Both employees and patients at Delaney Radiologists decorated pumpkins with breast cancer awareness themes.
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