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Market: Local Government
I Eat Right, Exercise & Have Fun Silicone Wristbands
Company Name: John Knox Village of Central Florida

Product: # /Name:
#BC-157/40 Ways To "Fit In" Fitness Every Day Pocket Pal
#GN-754V/I Eat Right, Exercise & Have Fun Silicone Wristbands

Challenge: John Knox Village of Central Florida wanted to provide recognition and special programs to show staff they're appreciated and valued. It planned to implement a six-week wellness incentive program to promote the idea that a healthy staff is happy and productive. Tools were needed to help make the program successful.

Solution: Wellness program participants were separated into teams and asked to keep track of their weight, height, body mass index, and blood pressure. They also underwent sit-up, push-up, flexibility, and balance tests. Each participant received a Positive Promotions "I Eat Right, Exercise & Have Fun" Silicone Wristband and a "40 Ways to 'Fit In' Fitness Every Day" Pocket Pal. Teams earned points for exercise as well as improvements in their wellness assessments.

Result: Participants proudly wore their Silicone Wristbands and put their Pocket Pals to use, said Wendy Highland, resident services coordinator. "Overall we have found that staff are excited about participating and those who signed up are making efforts to include more exercise and healthier eating choices into their lives," she said. "No matter what team places first, we are all winners."
Market: Local Government
Company Name: Gladys Volunteer Fire Department

Product: # /Name:
#hm-92/Junior Firefighter Hats (Red)
#osa2748/Mood Silicone Bracelet (1 Side)

Challenge: The Gladys Volunteer Fire Department wanted to create a hands-on activity to help promote fire safety among its junior firefighters and other youth in the Gladys community.

Solution: At the 2014 Campbell County Heritage Festival, volunteer firefighters created a "Water Challenge." They suspended a 100-foot-long wire above the ground and placed a five-gallon bucket on it. Children used the water stream from a fire hose to push the bucket along the wire. Additionally, a 2,000-gallon tank was filled with water and 100 numbered rubber ducks. Children were encouraged to pull a duck from the tank. Those who did received a pink or red Positive Promotions Custom "Junior Firefighter" Fire Hat. Participants also received a "Gladys Volunteer Fire Department" embossed Mood Silicone Bracelet for a job well done.

Result: The event was very successful for the kids and adults, said James Booker, member of the Gladys Volunteer Fire Department. A total of 230 individuals participated in the "Water Challenge"and 180 children received Fire Hats. Even U.S. Senator Mark Warner attended the event and participated in the "Water Challenge," Booker said.
Market: Local Government
Company Name: Village of Vinton

Product: # /Name: #ITP-98/Emergency Preparedness Guide

Challenge: During the summer of 2006, Vinton was severely affected by a series of flash floods that damaged 80% of the homes and 40% of the businesses. Each year since 2006, the local government administration and public works department of the Village of Vinton try to prepare residents for the potential of flash floods or any other natural disaster.

Solution: Positive Promotions' Emergency Preparedness Guide was mailed out to the residents and businesses to help them prepare a disaster kit and emergency plan in case they are forced to evacuate their homes again. The Village of Vinton hopes its residents will never need to use this information but if the situation arises, they know they will be better prepared.

Market: Healthcare

Product: # /Name: #RP-238/Parents Make A Difference 5-Piece Raffle Pack

Challenge: BCFS Health and Human Services, a nonprofit organization, provides services through Texas Families Together and Safe. This program offers classes for low-income parents and caregivers to educate them about quality family time and appropriate parent-child communication. Marissa Cano, program director, was looking for materials to help support what is learned in the classes.

Solution: Cano purchased a number of products from Positive Promotions, including "Smart Parenting" Journals in English and Spanish, "Parents' Guide to Student Success" Booklets, and "10 Tips For Positive Discipline" Glancers. They were given to parents and caregivers who attended the classes, and used as incentives to attend them.

Result: Positive Promotions' products helped educate parents and promoted child abuse awareness and prevention, Cano said.
Market: Healthcare
Company Name: Madera County Public Health Department

Product: # /Name: #HFD-75/Watching Baby Grow First Year Keepsake Calendar With Pocket

Challenge: Madera County Public Health wanted to educate new mothers and promote breastfeeding. It also wanted to encourage mothers to give toddlers water as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

Solution: Alma Rutherford, administrative analyst for Madera County Public Health, purchased Positive Promotions' "Watching Baby Grow" First Year Keepsake Calendars in English and Spanish. The calendars were given to moms who planned to breastfeed. Moms who continued to breastfeed past six weeks received White Ceramic Coffee Mugs. Mothers who participated in the WIC program were given 2-Handled Sippy Cups to remind them to give their children water to drink.

Result: While promoting breastfeeding and healthy habits, Madera County Public Health was able to educate new moms. Important information was included with each item that was distributed, Rutherford said.
Market: Healthcare
Company Name: NSF International, Ann Arbor, MI

Product: # /Name: #OSA-5473/Simple Step Pedometers

Challenge: NSF International needed to boost communication and camaraderie amongst members of its Canadian team.

Solution: The company launched a Team Walking Challenge in which coworkers were grouped into teams of four. Each team had the goal of logging the most steps over a two-month period. NSF Internationals' Corporate Social Committee purchased Positive Promotions' Simple Step Pedometers, had them imprinted with the company logo, and handed them out to participants so they could keep track of their steps.

Result: The Team Walking Challenge garnered more participation amongst NSF employees than any other social activity program in the company's history. "Everyone is really excited," said Robin Foster, business coordinator and social committee chair, "We've had suggestions to make this an annual event and extend an invitation to the international offices to compete against us next year."
Market: Healthcare
Breakfast Stickers-On-A-Roll
Company Name: Nutrition First Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), Salem, OR

Product: # /Name: #MRS-157/Breakfast Stickers On A Roll

Challenge: Laura Daberkow, a support specialist for Nutrition First CACFP, wanted to enhance her program's nutrition trainings, one of which focuses on eating healthy breakfasts. Her program partially reimburses childcare providers for serving nutritious meals to children in their care. Approximately 5,000 children ages 12 and under participate in the program.

Solution: Daberkow gave Positive Promotions' Breakfast Stickers On A Roll to program representatives to take along on childcare provider site visits. The Stickers feature breakfast-related slogans, such as "Breakfast Builds Brainpower!" and "Start Each Day the Right Way." Children at the sites received the Stickers and took them home to show their families. The Stickers opened the door for additional nutritional training in the children's homes.

Result: The Breakfast Stickers On A Roll helped promote the importance of eating healthy breakfasts, and Daberkow was pleased that they played an important role in enhancing her program's nutrition training. Not only were the Stickers a hit with the adults involved in the program, the children appreciated them, too. "The children love the bright colors and playful graphics," Daberkow said.
Market: Healthcare
Company Name: PDC Healthcare

Product: # /Name: #OSA-4701/Ear Buds in Travel Wallet

Challenge: Normally at trade shows, companies hand out boring promotional items. We wanted an item that wouldn't get thrown away.

Solution: The ear bud headphones we ordered from Positive Promotions were a huge success at the trade show our company attended. We know our customers will be using our promotional item when they are at the gym, waiting in a crowded line, or someplace where music helps to lighten the mood. What I really love about this product is that the carrying case is versatile and can be used as a coin purse as well. The custom imprint looks fantastic and matches our branding guidelines perfectly.

Result: Our customers were very excited when they saw them and were eager to take one home. This drew a lot of attention to our booth, giving us the opportunity to talk to prospective customers about our healthcare products and services.
Market: Healthcare
16-oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Carabiner
Personalized Ribbon Die-Cut Eco Notebook & Pen
Company Name: Score for a Cure, Inc.

Product: : # /Name:
#OS6870/Lip Balm with Personalization
#OSA4135/16oz. Stainless Steel Bottle with Carabiner
#GNP3834/Personalized Ribbon Die-Cut Eco Notebook & Pen
#OS-9126/7 Day Med-Minder Pill Box

Challenge: In addition to its donation and support programs, Score for a Cure donates Chemo Care bags to local hospitals and cancer treatment centers for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. They donate Chemo Care bags to help chemotherapy patients as they go through the trials of breast cancer treatment.

Solution: Positive Promotions has provided many of the items within the bags and in doing so, has helped Score for a Cure help breast cancer patients.

Market: Healthcare
Company Name: Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center

Product: # /Name: #HFD-68/Steps to Living Healthy 2017 Wall Calendar

Challenge: Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center serves a big population of patients who don't speak English. They've tried to come up with friendly user tools to remind patients if and when they took their medication.

Solution: Calendars from Positive Promotions were handed out to patients for tracking meds as well as exercise. By using the Steps to Living Healthy 2017 Wall Calendar, patients were taught to put a sticker on the correct day for each time they tested their sugar, took meds in the morning (sun sticker) or took afternoon/evening meds (with a moon sticker). They also applied corresponding stickers on their medications to differentiate morning ones from evening.

Result: The tracking and use of calendar has built a lot of self-esteem in patients when they can see their progress. Patients commented how colorful and informative the calendars were and appreciated that they showed multi-ethnic photos. They appreciate the monthly health tips too.
Market: Healthcare
Celebrate Life: Pink Bling Lanyard with Retractable Badge Holder
Rebel With a Cause Lapel Pin with Presentation Card
Company Name: Willows Assisted Living

Product: # /Name:
#VP-5138/Pink Bling Lanyard with Retractable Badge Holder
#GN6789/Tough Guys Wear Pink Silicone Bracelet
#LP211PP/ Rebel with a Cause Lapel Pin and Card

Challenge: Willows Assisted Living wanted to alert residents and the public about the importance of early breast cancer detection.

Solution: A variety of breast-cancer awareness themed products, including lanyards, bracelets and pins were purchased for their staff. Even the men were able to show their support by wearing "Tough Guys Wear Pink" silicon bracelets.

Market: Healthcare
Company Name: Brown County Hospital

Product: # /Name: #GN-7383/Women's Cushioned Socks

Challenge: We wanted a product that was unique, had a breast cancer awareness theme, and could be included in a bag along with toiletries and information to help patients feel comfortable about mammograms.

Solution: Socks with a woven pink ribbon design were the perfect item to complete gift bags given to mammogram patients.

Result: Our patients appreciate that we understand how a mammogram can make them feel uncomfortable and therefore are more likely to come back to us for their following visits.
Market: Education
Company Name: Central Union High School District

Product: # /Name: #FGT-8/Alphabet Of Inspiration 2016-2017 Academic Monthly Desk Planner

Challenge: Every year, new teachers at Central Union High School go through "New Teacher Orientation" to welcome them to the school district. As a token of appreciation, they're given a bag full of goodies. When Jessi Preciado, human resources secretary, ran out of the bags she normally used, she needed to find replacements that were appropriate for new teachers.

Solution: Preciado found Access Messenger Bags from Positive Promotions. She filled them with Positive Promotions' "Education: A Team Effort" 2016-2017 Academic Monthly Desk Planners, as well as other classroom supplies, and then passed them out to new teachers.

Result: The Bags, Planners, and other items helped the new teachers get ready for the school year and served as a warm welcome from the school district. "It is so good to see how our employees appreciate the gifts they get," Preciado said.
Market: Education
Company Name: School Administration Unit 49

Product: # /Name: #OSA5142/Soup & Entree Lunch To Go

Challenge: After a more than three-year construction project, Sandra Moulton, custodial/maintenance supervisor at School Administrative Unit 49, wanted to thank her employees for their hard work. The construction project required them to move all of the furniture and classroom materials from one school building to another, while keeping the buildings clean and safe.

Solution: Moulton visited Positive Promotions' website looking for a unique, useful item in which to put her thank-you note to employees. She decided on Soup & Entrée Lunch To Go Packs. They helped her give something tangible to her workers to go along with her heartfelt thanks.

Result: Moulton said she received wonderful feedback about Positive Promotions' Soup & Entrée Lunch To Go Packs, and she loved the opportunity to let her employees know what valuable assets they are.
Market: Education
Company Name: Rocky Point Middle School

Product: # /Name:
#OS-5293/Non-Breakaway Lanyard
#AWSP-1b/Blue Award Plaque

Challenge: Denice Shaughnessy, administrative assistant at Rocky Point Middle School, needed to purchase items to recognize students who were chosen as Student of the Month. She also needed items for the school's PRIDE (Participation, Respect, Integrity, Diversity & Excellence) program.

Solution: Each month, 12 students were chosen by a team of teachers to be Student of the Month. They received Positive Promotions' Blue Award Plaques and a certificate. Positive Promotions' Non-Breakaway Lanyards and other gifts were given to students as rewards for positive behavior, as part of the PRIDE program.

Result: The Students of the Month had their pictures taken when they were presented their Blue Award Plaques. Receiving this recognition means a great deal to the students, Shaughnessy said. In fact, now if Students of the Month don't see their photos on the bulletin board, or if they don't receive their Plaques, they are quick to remind school staff that those things need to be done.
Market: Education
Readers Are Leaders Drawstring Backpack
Company Name: Maple Grove Elementary, Metropolis, IL

Product: # /Name:
#BP-276/Readers are Leaders
#GN-799V/Star Reader" Silicone Bracelets

Challenge: Each year, reading teacher Jennifer Abate-Barrett builds her first- through sixth-grade students' enthusiasm for reading. To help do this, she needs to recognize students who have reached specific reading milestones throughout the school year.

Solution: Abate-Barrett used Positive Promotions' products, including "Readers Are Leaders" String Backpacks and "Star Reader" Silicone Bracelets, to reward students for reading improvement and accomplishment.

Result: Including Positive Promotions' products as incentives provided Abate-Barrett with exciting ways to celebrate students' reading achievements. The recognition made a difference to students, Abate-Barrett said. "While ultimately our goal is for students to learn to value and enjoy reading for its own sake…I feel that (using incentives) builds a positive attitude toward our goal of creating lifelong learners," she said.
Market: Education
Science Is Cool Silicone Bracelet
I Love Science Glow-In-The-Dark Pencil
Company Name: Fairfield Country Day School, Fairfield, CT

Product: # /Name:
#GN-6967/"Science Is Cool" Silicone Bracelets
#PL-1188/"I Love Science" Glow-In-The-Dark Pencils

Challenge: Math teacher Kristina Barnaby wanted to reach out to the sisters of students at the all-boys independent school where she teaches. She volunteered to run a STEaM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) Camp where girls could collaborate, discover, and have fun without the distraction of boys. Barnaby needed to reward the girls for their participation in the camp with small souvenirs and awards to make their camp experience even more memorable.

Solution: Barnaby gave each camp attendee a Positive Promotions "Science Is Cool" Silicone Bracelet to wear throughout the week. Some girls also received "I Love Science" Glow-In-The-Dark Pencils for excelling in different categories, such as being the greatest risk-taker or the most creative inventor.

Result: Barnaby isn't sure if the 10- and 11-year-old girls will become engineers and scientists, but she does know that the camp experience helped them make a connection between science and fun that they'll take with them throughout middle and high school. "All I can hope is that when they learn about Newton's Third Law ('For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'), they smile and fondly remember the experiments they created during the summer STEaM camp in 2014," Barnaby said.
Market: Education
Company Name: Rio Grande City CISD

Product: # /Name: #FGT-8S/ "Education a Team Effort 2016-2017 Academic Monthly Desk

Challenge: For the upcoming year, Rio Grande City School District wanted to help its staff be better organized and stay on task.

Solution: Teachers were given an "Education a Team Effort" 2016-2017 Academic Monthly Desk Planner along with a pen from Positive Promotions to keep track of parent meetings, appointments and special events.

Result: The planner serves as an excellent organization tool while providing inspiring quotes and phrases of praise teachers can use.
Market: Education
Work Together Succeed Together Silver Stylus Pen With Pillow Box\
Company Name: South Shore Educational Collaborative

Product: # /Name:#VP-4980/ "Work Together Succeed Together" Pen

Challenge: South Shore wanted an item to give to employees as a token of appreciation for what they have done and all the help they've given throughout the year.

Solution: The "Work Together Succeed Together" pen was chosen because the theme reflects the values of the organization. The pen was given to employees recognized for their hard work at a year-end meeting.

Result: The South Shore staff enjoys this event and appreciates the recognition given by their peers and supervisors. The pen complemented the event perfectly.
Market: Education
Company Name: Royalston Community School

Product: # /Name: #VP-3043/"One Person Can Make a Difference" Insulated Tumbler

Distribution: During a Field Day celebration, tumblers were given to parents and teachers that have dedicated time for the sake of children at the school.

Challenge: Royalston has a very dedicated parent and teacher group that are always finding ways to raise money for school equipment. They also have staff working with little or no compensation that play an important role in the children's school day. The school wanted to recognize them and show how much they were appreciated.

Solution: Positive Promotions' "One Person Can Make a Difference" themed tumblers were given out during a Field Day celebration.

Result: Volunteers were very surprised, appreciative and grateful.
Market: Education
Company Name: Usborne Books & More

Product: # /Name:
#MVP-152/ Star Reader Gold Academic Medallion with Personalization
#NT2509B/ Star Reader Award Tag

Challenge: Incentives were needed for a Reading Program, "Reach for the Stars."

Solution: Students reaching a goal of 300 minutes a week received a Star Reader Award Necklace. For 500 minutes, they received a Star Reader Gold Academic Medallion hung on a ribbon in their school's color.

Result: The students loved them as it was like winning the Olympics. One first grader didn't take off his medal for an entire week!
Market: Financial Institutions
Company Name: Credit Union of Texas

Product: # /Name: #GN-7766 Teamwork Clipboard

Challenge: Credit Union of Texas focuses on teamwork and wanted to share the importance of teamwork with its branch managers who work at different locations.

Solution: Positive Promotions' Teamwork Clipboards with a list of "10 Reasons Teamwork Matters" were given to branch managers.

Result: Motivated managers as well as reinforced the importance of teamwork.
Market: Manufacturing
Company Name: Sekisui S-lec America

Product: # /Name: BC-49/Blood Pressure Recorder Pocket Pal

Challenge: Michelle Stevens, human resources manager at Sekisui S-LEC™ America, LLC, needed a tool to help promote good health during the company's monthly wellness challenge.

Solution: The human resources department set up a blood pressure station in the facility's break room. The station included blood-pressure-related displays, as well as three blood pressure monitors. Positive Promotions' Blood Pressure Recorder Pocket Pals were given to employees and the "3-3-3 Challenge" began. Associates were encouraged to monitor their blood pressure three times per day, three days per week for three weeks. Those who completed the challenge received $50 for their health savings account. Some even saved their Pocket Pals to give to their doctors.

Result: The best thing about the "3-3-3 Challenge," Stevens said, was that several employees realized their blood pressure was high, which prompted them to seek medical attention.
Market: Manufacturing
Caught Working Safely Scratch & Win Prize Pack
Company Name: Thomas & Betts

Product: # /Name:RP-187/"Caught Working Safely" Scratch & Win

Challenge: At Thomas & Betts, safety has always been driven by leadership. The company also wanted it to be driven by its employees. In order for safety to become part of the employees' every day activities, the company needed them to become comfortable calling out both safe and unsafe situations.

Solution: Thomas & Betts began using "Caught Working Safely" Scratch & Win tickets to employees who were caught doing something safe or pointing out an unsafe situation. They, in return, were asked to recognize fellow associates doing the same.

Result: The Scratch & Win idea was an effective incentive as it brought about positive change in the company. Employees identified some significant concerns that have led to changes in policies and procedures and new engineered controls. This is the company's first major step made towards reaching a proactive safety culture.
Market: Religious

Product: # /Name: SH-9518/Success Begins With Believing You Can Adult T-Shirt

Challenge: Elena Ramirez, administrative assistant for Iglesia De Dios Getsemani, needed to find a unique T-shirt. She had to help her church group stand out from others at an event held in a local park.

Solution: Ramirez discovered Positive Promotions' "Success Begins With Believing You Can" T-Shirts, and purchased one for each member of her team.

Result: The Iglesia De Dios Getsemani group won the T-shirt contest because of the "excellent motivational phrase" the shirts had, Ramirez said. "They were a total success."