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Confidence-Boosting Test-Taking Themes & Incentives

Relieving test anxiety among students of all ages is an enduring concern in today's schools. Help ease their minds with essential educational tools and incentives from Positive Promotions, designed to build confidence, alleviate stress, and motivate kids to do their best.

Top Themes

Inspire Test-Taking Students to be Positive & Confident!

According to the American Test Anxieties Association, nearly 40% of students suffer from moderate to high test anxiety. Our motivational test-taking products and themes will help promote focus and positivity at your school without stressing your budget! Here at Positive Promotions, you'll find a wealth of tools and incentives to boost success in your test-taking programs, from bookmarks, silicone bracelets, and pencils to test prep pouches, treat packs, and school planners, all featuring exclusive slogans such as You Know It, Now Show It!; Don't Stress, You Got This!; #RockTheTest; and more inspiring themes.

There are also terrific informational items for parents like our selection of Growth Mindset products that stress the importance of effort and practice in academic success. Plus, don't miss our Personalized T-shirts for your staff and students, perfect for instilling test-taking confidence and encouraging student achievement. Whatever test-taking incentive products you're looking for to help battle the crucial issue of student test anxiety, we look forward to helping you boost their confidence, as well as test results in your school, all year round.